Kim & Khloe Kardashian 'Glammed Up' Nephew Mason (PHOTOS)

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Kim and Khloe Kardashian played a little bit of dress-up with their adorable nephew Mason Disick. Kim posted some pics on her blog of the one-year-old wearing hair extensions!

The fashionista explained the pics, writing: 

"We were on set at a shoot and Mason stopped by and Khloe and I glammed him up! He is our new RobWhen we were young we used to dress Rob up as a girl! LOL."
In case you thought the extensions were real, Kim added, "They are just clip on hair extensions, and Kourtney quickly took them off! But how funny!?"

When Kim isn't dressing up her little man Mason, she's stepping out with her 6'9" man Kris Humphries. Now that the NBA season is almost wrapped up and the New Jersey Nets are free to do as they please, Kris has a lot of spare time to spend with his leading lady. Just last week, the happy couple were snapped enjoying a romantic dinner at Hollywood hot spot Boa Steakhouse. 



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    In the Kartrashian family fake starts young!

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    He looks like a gurl from this angle.. Love them all

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