Lady Gaga Wears Her Version of an LBD on ‘The View’ (PHOTOS)

Lady Gaga kept it simple wardrobe-wise (for her) when she stepped out to great the women of The View. The Born This Way singer celebrated the release of her album by appearing on the show.

She chose a little black dress with gold trimmings and of course she had a hat to match! However, her most outrageous accessory was her shoes. The 12-inch platforms were so high that Gaga had to be escorted on set by two men!

The pop star’s mother sat in the audience and when asked if Gaga was really “born this way,” she nodded. 

While Gaga is gung-ho about her album release, we’re excited to see her on the MTV special Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside. The program promises to show the pop star like we’ve never seen her before. “I’m really quite traditional in a family sense,” she said on the program that will air May 26 at 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET/PT. 

In the special, Gaga praises her fans for their support, saying of the little monsters, “Fans have been a key to my heart.” Meanwhile, the singer also revealed who she’s a fan of music-wise, disclosing that her parents bought her Stevie Wonder and The Beatles when she was very young.

“Don’t spoon feed me The Beatles, Stevie Wonder … Bruce Springstein, Elton John, and expect me not to turn out this way.”