LeAnn Rimes Flaunts Sexy Bikini Bod in Mexico (PHOTOS)

Tis the season for celebs to show off their hot bods.

Newlyweds LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian enjoyed the weekend together at the Esperanza Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Soaking up some rays, LeAnn showed off her toned bikini body in a sand colored rhinestone bikini.

LeAnn and Eddie were spotted holding hands and laughing as they walked along the beach. Later, the pair enjoyed romantic cocktails, overlooking the ocean.

Of course, LeAnn wasn’t the only celeb showing off her curves this weekend.

Lindsay Lohan was turning heads this weekend showing off her assets in a tiny striped bikini!

The Mean Girls actress relaxed by a pool with sister Ali Lohan and soaked up the sun. LiLo is currently in Miami for a photo shoot with Plum Miami Magazine. See more bikini photos and be sure to follow Celebuzz on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr for more celeb news!



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  • Juan

    Leann is also good friends with Jerry B, the pudcroer of CSI Miami, Chase, and many shows that air on NBC & CBS. I remember when the The Awful Truth retracted that article. It just goes to show that despite what they say, these celebs do control what is printed about them. When one blogger wrote about how Leann was encouraging her fans and staff members to cyberbully Brandi, Darrell Brown contacted the EIC of the blogger, wrote a mean and nasty blog about the blogger, and then tweeted that he was going to sue the woman. Another blogger was issued a C & D for also writing about the same topic of Leann encouraging her fans and staff members to taunt Brandi. And notice how every media outlet is ignoring this and acting like it didn't even happen? So Leann controls what certain media outlets write about her via threats of lawsuits, C & D, and loss of jobs, and in some cases she pays them off.It's a shame that Leann's and Eddie's reps are so bad that Leann has to have her pals at NBC and E News fix her image by restricting what media outlets can and can not post about Leann and Eddie . Have you noticed that the media doesn't write anything negative about Eddie and Leann ever and the media outlets that always called them out for their bad behavior all sucking up to EC and LR(ie-Enews, HuffPo, Star mag)? It's very dishonest of E News to fool people into liking Leann and Eddie by only putting out stories with a positive spin about them and then making their staff members befriend Leann, especially since Leann is very good at documenting her and EC bad behavior.

  • Santoshkumar

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  • Ste

    I don't like her and i don't respect hbuert kissing in front of kids isn't wrong. Come on now.I'm sure Eddie kissed the kid's mother in front ofhim. People kiss their lovers in front of their kids allthe time.

  • Renee

    Get real. I wonder if you're in shape yourself...probably not. That is all.

  • Sheri

    I used to watch that show Leann. Skelator!

  • ..

    YUCK. Her stomach is like mishapen or something. I get that she has abs but they seem so unnatural, it's like they're growing out of her...

  • nutellatella

    she has really really bad body!

  • mjt11860

    she looks terrific! she has a fantasticly fit figure! u go girl!

  • namvet527

    AnonYmous she is not near as skinny as OBIGOT, the BEAN POLE in chief.

  • namvet527

    All of you morbidly OBESE LEFT WING LIBERAL HYPOCRITES say LeAnn Rimes is skinny but you say nothing about that BEAN POLE in chief that is FRAUDULANTLY calling himself president, OBIGOT.

  • RAM

    LeAnn looks fantastic. Get a life and worry about your own body. Apparently LeAnn cares about the way she looks and from what I see, she looks good.

  • anonomous

    Looking pretty skinny to me LOTS of BONES kind of got a M Jackson look in the face as well

  • Barbara S
    Barbara S

    I think she looks great.......too many people think they have the right to give her an opinion......and they obviously don't know what real anorexia looks like if they think this is too skinny. I wished I looked that good.....

  • PattyBoy

    Stretch marks on the hiney....oh well she looks great

  • PattyBoy

    She looks great to me. I think your the woman that wont go for a jog, or the woman who tells her husband that your secure with your body thats why you don't exercise. I make my wife exercise with me that way we both stay fit as a fiddle...Leanne you look fantastic

  • Tim

    I agree ! More women should get off they lazy butts and work to look like this !

  • David C
    David C

    Looks perfect to me More women should take the pride to look this perfect Good for you LeAnn

  • David

    She looks pretty damn good to me! What's with all these fat women criticizing her body when they would spend a small fortune to look half as good.

  • MaudieJ

    Whoever thinks that this woman looks good is out of their minds...she looks like a man with breast implants. There's a big difference between being a healthy adult weight and being obese...but a healthy weight is not one that is obtained through eating disorders. Just as we're a nation of obesity, we're also a nation of eating disorders because young woman in particular see this type of role model and kill themselves to look this way...we all know that show biz and Hollywood turns women into anorexics and bulimics and you who tout "jealousy" are absolutely ignorant of how damaging outrageous body types like these are to the average girl's self esteem. There's only a handful that can attain such a weight and they have to be born small-boned to begin with. Shame on you all -- wise up and get a clue.

  • danielleakame

    she looks good. lost a lil too much weight and those implants are ridiculous. anyone can look good with plastic surgery!

  • Ala

    When did she grow those boobs? She was flat as a board just weeks ago!

  • Angela Little Miller
    Angela Little Miller

    Her body looks great...I won't comment on her face.

  • owliegrowlie

    To me she still looks like a man, man!