New Music: Greyson Chance Will ‘Unfriend You’ (VIDEO)

What a difference a year makes! Greyson Chance – the very first person signed to the record label created by Ellen DeGeneres – returned to her show today to debut his new song. Ellen commented that every time she sees him, the now 13-year-old is even taller than before! 

Although it was his sensational Lady Gaga cover on YouTube that made him an internet star, Ellen gave him his big break by signing him to her label. On today’s show, he fought through any nerves he may have had and sang his heart out for the studio audience.

Greyson’s return to the show marks a new trend for Ellen, by discovering new talent and having them perform on her show. Last week, she invited 17-year-old Tom Andrews to perform his new single “Carry Me On'” on her show. Tom is the second singer who was signed to Ellen’s Eleven Eleven label. 

How do the two compare? Take a listen to Greyson’s single “Unfriend You” right here and you tell us!

Plus, check out the video that started it all, Greyson Chance’s version of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.”

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