Shenae Grimes Starts First Day of Work at Teen Vogue

Shenae Grimes had her first day of work interning at Teen Vogue Monday. The 90210 star who has been very busy in NYC, gave fans a taste of what her first walk-through was like over the weekend.

“I can’t begin to describe how excited I am to start work,” Shenae blogged. “Everyone there was so warm and welcoming and it seems like an amazing environment to grow and learn inm over the next 6 weeks.”

Continues Shenae:

“Fashion has always been such a passion of mine but I’ve yet to have the opportunity to explore the world of print magazines and all the hard work that goes into producing those things we snatch off the racks and flip through every month.”

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Grimes will be spending the next few months in New York City. Tell her where to go NY locals!