Shirtless Justin Bieber & Bikini-Clad Selena Gomez Hit the Beach in Hawaii

Tropical Getaway!
Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in Hawaii
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Best Bieber Moments
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After a PDA-filled night at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez departed for a romantic getaway Monday to Hawaii. How adorable!

Shortly after landing in paradise, the couple checked into their hotel and hit the beach. Justin, in board shorts, and Selena, in a fuchsia bikini were hand in hand as their entourage followed behind in tow as they took a stroll to the sand.

So glad that the Biebs and Gomez are getting a chance to relax together, but Biebs was still working the promotional angle even while on his vacation. On Tuesday morning, he tweeted: "thinking about having a movie night...everyone wants to watch #NeverSayNever3D mean im down...but is that weird? lol."

Justin was also sporting a new tattoo around his left ribcage, which apparently means "Jesus" in Hebrew.

Both have been working nonstop, and it's nice to see they are becoming more open with their relationship without giving too much away.

Now get some R&R you two!



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  • black

    Love from justin and Selena...when Selena have a baby.....we don't know it. :] <3 :D ;)

  • cecilla

    no he's not cheating on selena

  • KirBieber

    im Justin Bieber Fever!!!

  • justin

    i love u selena gomez <3

  • khishboo sharma
    khishboo sharma

    selina look so hot & justin too hot

  • Kelsey

    Guys that dude is the bodyguard, They probably didn't bring clothes (cuz they are at the beach),and no they are not getting married cuz Justin is cheating on her w/ Miley! Duh!

  • OMG

    That guy in the back looked like he was intrested in Justin Bieber!!!

  • Jackie

    Where are they going? That doesn't look like a getaway, it looks more like they just took a walk in the park and just came out and was about to go home!

  • weronka

    hahaha ich liebe dich du bist so coll ich saks dier zo gar wen ich dich nicht liebe ist mier scheise gal ok ich möchte mit dir sein kind chaben so wx chaben ich möchte auch so wie die selena gomez ich mag sie auch aber nicht so fiel ok aber ich liebe dich mehr als dich chasdu das vetstzanden ja ode najn hm ok ciau beibei bayby

  • sexy_bieber

    sexy sa

  • Doda Tariq El Farghly
    Doda Tariq El Farghly

    they look so cute together

  • Doda Tariq El Farghly
    Doda Tariq El Farghly

    does any one notice that the guy behind them is holding a camera in his hand

  • kkkk

    hahahaha lesbos

  • tittiejar

    I'm guessing it's the boys bodyguard.

  • beautiful10

    i wonder what part of HAWIII r they in???

  • beautiful10


  • beautiful10

    I wonder if they really love each other for REAL!

  • beautiful10

    they r a cute couple in HAWIIIIII!

  • CiCI

    can you write normally ...? it took me forever to read that..

  • George

    Give him a bit of credit. Maybe he's a cool kid with some smarts and personality. Something most 18 year olds lack. Let them have fun.

  • George

    Not weird at all. One year age difference. And apparently he's a pretty charasmatic kid.

  • George

    She's very beautiful. She reminds me of my ex wife when I met her at age 19. Selena is prettier, but not as smokin a body. Anyway, thise days are long gone and now just a distant memory. Reminds me of the movie "Beautiful Girls". If you haven't seen it, do so. Great story and great cast. A 12 year old Natalie Portman was adorably brilliant.

  • ?????

    I meant to type "You call a body like that frumpy?" in the second sentence.

  • ?????

    @YPEBKACM: Hah! Frumpy? Come on, FRUMPY? ou're cll a body like that frumpy? I think it's a perfectly fine body and you call it frumpy. Unbelievable!! P.S. No one really uses or says frumpy anymore.

  • Haylee Gabreala Harrison
    Haylee Gabreala Harrison

    Cutest celebrity couple ever ! <3 I DON'T CARE IF OTHER PEOPLE THINK THE OPPOSITE :)

  • Megan

    LMFAO what a hater. it's not like if they weren't together you had a chance with him anyways.

  • jessica

    dont please give me a break

  • jessica

    storm the weather in everybodys heart you idiot they look stupid

  • jelena4ever

    I used to love justin. i used to say i was his girlfriend. then selena started dating him and i was a little mad to be honest. but then i realized me and justin would never be a couple! btu im still his big fan. and if i hated him, what kind of a fan would i be? I think selena is gorgeous and sweet, but i dont really like her for some reason. i LIKE HER, but not alot. and if justin is happy, im happy :) JELENA4EVER!!!

  • spongebob


  • spongebob

    did they even bring any clothes why does Justin have tattoo and why do they keep making out and are they geting married because tthere18

  • spongebob

    i know the haters or justin biber fans needs to stop wither everybody likes it or not they will get married because there like 18 there diffenly getting married

  • cyrus

    what why?

  • alexis

    r u a boy jb lover

  • Ali

    I always wanted them together <3 Jelena forever (i hope) lol, love em both (:

  • weliyo

    they look soo hot togerthe. with both of them together they shall storm the weather

  • divanessa

    c'mon ppl, wen did she bcum as crazy as d rest ov dem...dis guy hasnt even seen puberty, as in 4 real.....he has d body ov ma 13 yr old bro, nd its nt d african genes dat made him dat buff!

  • Claire

    hahaha who is the creeper in the background

  • boobooo

    they r a cute couple

  • freya

    he is so white compared to her . haaahah

  • AMY

    I hope he is banging her hard with his penis. And gets her pregnant, Have wild sex you two, you deserve it.

  • anila ajazaj
    anila ajazaj

    are soo beautiful in the loveeeee

  • meg

    this is my fav pic off them

  • Katie

    this is such a cute pic of them!!

  • alex

    dont marry him,selena!!!!!!!!!!he not a good guy

  • Hey

    FRUMPY!! wait a minute while i pee myself hahahaha.. You need to learn how to see.... Jealous much? she has a great body most girls would love to have a body like that. its not all about the looks either. GOODBYE.

  • Hey

    If i was Justin and seen all the hate she gets and all the horrible things i would be ashamed with his fans.. they are just jelous and dont stand a chance with him. they need to grow up and learn how to respect they're idol and his girlfriend because his true fans would stick by him no matter what whether they like her or not. they dont even know her.. she seems lovely and i wish them the best. He appreciates and does sooo much for his fans and some of them cant give the slightest respect for the girl he loves. he said once that he's scared he'll loose his fans when he gets a girlfriend he thinks of them but d'ya know whats sad that that has happened. at leaset now he knows who his true fans are.

  • livesinafairytale

    I love them together. So cute.

  • livesinafairytale

    You all need to grow up. Justin is what, 17 years old? Obviously he's not gonna have the body of a man. Stop expecting him to be totally buff; He's not. And just because he's not doesn't mean he looks like "A 10 year old" or "Unattractive." He's a cute guy and has enough muscle on him so he's not totally skinny. He seems fine to me. @sugminkuk Stop saying "I'm laughing at all these kids" and acting like you're all immature. Whether you're an adult or not, you're looking at pictures of two teens in bathing suits and having a feud about it. That makes you just as immature as kids, if not more.

  • livesinafairytale

    Nitpicking much...? Lol it's not a big deal.

  • livesinafairytale

    Yeah, someone said it said jesus in hebrew.

  • livesinafairytale

    " Jb is gong down" ? First of all, learn how to spell, LOL. Second of all, he's not *GOING* down. He's still one of the most popular celebrities at the moment and your lame attempts at hating on him do nothing to his rep.

  • Girl

    2 years.Justin was born in 94 she was born in 92

  • britney

    haha why is selena barefooted, hope shes comfortable , god bless :)

  • justinbieberlyrics

    i love Justin <3

  • Natalia

    frumpy??????? totaly not she is hot and that comes from a girl!!

  • kiara

    yakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i hate them as couple

  • londonlady

    frumpy? I'd love to see a pic of you sweet thing... you must be hot - NOT!

  • sugminkuk

    HAHAHAHA lol, i'm laughing my ass off right now. not because what you wrote, cause i totally agree with you. i'm laughing because all this damn kids! it's pathetic that girls growing up these days find a guy who looks like a lady, and who's skinny as hell, attractive. he's but ugly you teenage cows. grow up and find a real life man instead of droolin' over someone like him.

  • Julien

    he have a penis head ... and also a dushbag he is trying to have big muscle


    She could be in much better shape -- he is ripped and she is a little pudgy... C'mon Bieb; all the girls in the world you can have and you choose a slightly frumpy girl like that?!?

  • Jim

    I have to agree with you.My mom or dad would would have hit me witha garden hose and make me work at pizza shop extra hours.and my parents arnt even that stict an we live in Bensonhurt, Brooklyn.

  • Jim

    as a Christian the bible does talk about modest clothing and the lust of the flesh.Theywere all over each other like 2 ghetto skanks.

  • Jim

    as a chrtian they

  • cb

    why is she holding hands on top. doesn't the guy usually do that...

  • Julia

    what is up with that guy in the backround??

  • Julia

    is that the only bathing suit she hass?

  • mindy

    Awwww...They look like high school kids! and its so sweet and romantic. (but funny)

  • mindy

    I know right! people gotta stop its getting annoying hearing shes dead! hes mine! obviously that wont stop them so theres no point.

  • Joy is a fucker
    Joy is a fucker

    he's 17, shes 18.. what do you expect? they're not children. his family & crew were there. You're obviously not very smart, if you were you'd think before you typed. Therefore thinking through. Your argument is flaw and to be honest you're a douche.


    If u knew what is Noddy .. you would know what i was talking about, Noddy is a cartoon to kids with 1-6 years old, maybe like you right? ^^, so shut the fck up and get a life, im free to comment what i want!

  • asdf

    Awwww....This is my one & only favorite among their other pictures...They're so cute here unlike those photos that are not suitable to kids... :)

  • Romance

    selena is very lucky, but i do NOT hate her. and people that are writing mean stuff about her MUST stop. if you truely are a big fan of justin bieber you would want him to be happy, wouldn’t you. they may have started dating for publicity reasons but obviously they are is love. so DO NOT write mean comments about selena gomez or their relationship. they are going to be to together weather you like it or not!!!!!!!!

  • whitney

    I feel like a pedophile for looking at these pix. Couldn't look at more than three before I felt like a total creep. Justin Bieber looks 14... not sure how someone, even if she's only 18, can be attracted to that. cringe.

  • Jordynn

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! am i the only one laughing at this? i love them together but this is so weird, is it not?

  • sweetheart

    ownnn sOO CUUUUUUTE in cougar tOwn ...

  • Ryan

    They all have personal trainers esp. if they have a show/concert soon.

  • Jen

    Gross, he is not manly in the least.

  • Belieber For Life.
    Belieber For Life.

    And the tattoo says Jesus in hebrew.

  • Belieber For Life.
    Belieber For Life.

    First of all its tattoo. Not tatto. And naughty. Not noddy. Learn to spell!! And second, If you hate him so much why even bother looking at the freaking pictures? So just shut up. K? Thanks.

  • jb lover
    jb lover

    you are right

  • jb lover
    jb lover

    I wonder where there at,anyway they are cute together.

  • moi!!

    Jen I totally agree...wut is she doin with him????? she's a 10 and he's a 3!


    It hurts me so much to see Her with this freakin kid --. lol? tatto? is this a tatto? o.O what it is? Noddy? --. I HATE YOU KID!!!!

  • S

    Why does she have to be so damn fit? .. darn it hahah belieber forever :) x

  • lynelle hoff
    lynelle hoff

    ooooo u look nice justin bieber ur its the best i a.m lynelle hoff for Real yess i a.m haha JB ii love u to so much and hot awsome cute hell yeahh ii no

  • numberonebitch

    He has tattoos?! Ha ha ha ha ha LMAO!!! Those are some stupid tattoos. I didnt know you could get tattoos at 10. I do not see a difference in the hair either. It still looks like a bowl. LOL

  • numberonebitch

    Obviously he hasnt hit puberty yet. He looks like he's 10 lol

  • Emily

    BAHAHAHAHAHAHA unattractive? Are u being serious. Justin Bieber UNATTRACTIVE?!!! LMFAO XD!! He is far from unattractive honey

  • Bieber Fever
    Bieber Fever

    They dont give fuck

  • martin

    I am a 18 year old boy and I dont have Bieber's body He is 17 and have abs, I am 18 and have nothing. WTF is up with that?

  • sydsouth

    * Are you one of the Celebuzz staffer's cuz if you are Sydney says Hello, and wishes your staff all the best! Thanks for the pictures of Taylor L. (but only if you are).* =}

  • Taylor

    Just shut up ? Just because you don't like him, it doesn't mean that you have to comment . Stop ? Thanks .

  • Rebecca

    I LOVE THEM. And Jen, you can just STFU(: Kthanks.

  • Taylor

    Awh, I LOVE them togeeether . Selena looks gorgeooous & Justin just looks hooooott ; as alwaays(; <3 <3

  • colby jackson
    colby jackson

    i wish i had a body like justin bieber's

  • Maddy

    Get ur facts right. Justin is on hoilyday with his crew/family. Hes GF joins him, the papz take pictures of them while they are walking down to the beach. HOW THE FUCK IS THAT ACTING ALL GROWN UP?

  • Julia

    "Jb is going down"? LOL that soo stupied, He is like the most famous person right now. He going up, not down silly

  • Julia

    This is cute, love JBs new tatto it is awsome

  • 12233333

    Im jealous!!!!1

  • mandy

    Eat Shit :)

  • mandy

    i hate them Both :)

  • mandy

    i hate them Both :)

  • mandy


  • Glaries

    The low prices for tablets at us!

  • abby

    There is always an expert in here LMAO >.<

  • brianna

    That makes you sick really? What do you care what these "kids" are doing. They don't care if you would rather want them doing kid things because they are at the beach and all you can do is learn to live with it. haha

  • Jennifer Sor
    Jennifer Sor

    Awwww they look like such a lovely couple... Sweet :)

  • yawn

    what is he flexing :P

  • Whattheheck!

    I guess you would like some dick

  • Whattheheck!

    Your comments are rather harsh and immature. Who are you to judge people who deserve a vacation...a couple of kids that are level headed and not getting drunk and stoned. It certainly amazes me that people think they have the right to sling garbage and have no business to do so. If you have nothing positive to say...then seek therapy. Like Really! Stop being a bully

  • Jb is gong down
    Jb is gong down

    He looks like a walking dick in this pic..

  • sydsouth

    * Dwayne johnson is so sexy by the way!* xD

  • sydsouth

    * bahaha I love you tatts09. lolz They are edibly cute!* =}

  • rainbowpanda


  • rainbowpanda
  • maryamcullen

    selena looks gorgrous

  • idaolivia

    biebers face mmmm.. yummy

  • idaolivia

    omg new tattoo :) wow and they r so cute <3

  • Tim

    are u for real?

  • Namulun Namka
    Namulun Namka

    they look cute

  • Hannah

    Just so you know, they're only a year apart right now in age.

  • M.J.

    Well, well...didn't expect Justin to have a lil' six-pack...guess Rihanna was telling the truth...He looks fine! Not gonna comment on her...can't stand her and her only-date-famous-guys-when-they're-at-the-top policy (look at her past flings Nick Jonas and Taylor Lautner). Have fun J.Biebs and keep your eyes open!

  • pam angel
    pam angel

    i know justin bieber is happy with selena gomez so i gonna let them go .. huhuhuhu

  • Jen

    That kid is so unattractive, I'm sorry, but he looks like he's 10. He looks like her kid brother.

  • Noah

    His nipples are the size of dimes.

  • tatts09

    *disclaimer* i do not own this awesome picture...although i have to say that the person who came up with this joke is brilliant.

  • tatts09

    [img][/img] hmmm...

  • Sin

    We all know why he keeps holding that towel in front of him.

  • Haylee

    Does anyone else notice the tat under his left armpit?

  • clam...

    His mom and her parents are there as well...the article neglected to inform us. They are just not in these pictures

  • clam...

    Calm down, they are there with family, his mom and her parents are there. They were all at the airport together.....sheesh..

  • Amanda Hasaka
    Amanda Hasaka

    that's a victoria's secret belle bandeau top. i know because i just got one in coral. good work selena!

  • Joy Mcbridej
    Joy Mcbridej

    Couple of kids trying to act all grown up. Makes me sick. Where are their parents?