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Looks like Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may not be the only Twilight Saga off-screen lovers: Ashley Greene and Jackson Rathbone were reportedly spotted making out after the actor's band, 100 Monkeys, performed at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles.

The Daily reports that the two Twilight stars were spotted "kissing throughout the night" during Jackson's show over the weekend. The news may come as a shock (and a welcome surprise) to Twihards since Jackson and Ashley play on-screen lovers in the Twilight films.

Jackson and Ashley have been battling romance rumors for years but neither star has publicly admitted that they are an item. Ashley recently broke up with boyfriend Joe Jonas and was spotted looking chummy with Jackson as the two arrived in Vancouver to finish up filming for Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2. Check out photos of the pair walking around Vancouver from April.

After ending things with Joe, Ashley was thought to be dating Kings of Leon hunk Jared Followill but now it looks like she has scooped up Jackson instead. If the report is true then he is definitely her type: handsome, brunette and an indie rock star.

Jackson recently thanked fans who showed up to the 100 Monkeys show at the El Rey theater. "#100MonkeysLove to everyone who came out to the El Rey last night," Jackson tweeted after the show. "Thank you for existing. Love & Respect, Jackson." Ashley, for her part, did not make any mention of the show on her Twitter account.

Jackson and Ashley's on-screen romance (as Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale) is one of the series' most popular pairings (aside from Bella and Edward, of course). The pair have even earned a celeb-like relationship name from fans (Jalice) and have been the subject of numerous fan-made videos. Check out one Jalice fan video below.


Celebuzz reached out to Ashley's rep for comment but we have not yet received a response.

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  • chiara

    speriamo รจ la mia coppia preferita

  • jfsdkfj

    that girl hooks up with any guy that gets within a close enough radius. ever heard of slowing down ashley

  • Malaury SmitH'
    Malaury SmitH'

    Jalice/Jackley maybe one and the same :)

  • Sia

    Kristen and Rob are together so please ! But this is BS I agree.

  • Chris

    Lovely. TwiTwits are so determined to believe that all the on screens are also off screens. First it was the laughable Robert and total lesbo Kristen. Now it's Jackson and Ashley. They are friends, they hug, they kiss each other with a peck on the lips, they played lovers on screen, so they MUST be dating and bonking in real life. Seriously get over it.

  • avalon

    Lies. There were hundreds of people there, with cameras... and you sure as heck can bet they would have taken a pic of them. This couple is not going beyond the casual-friends stage, as his own sister said 2 years ago, so MOVE ON.

  • Anne

    that girl will never slow down !

  • sydsouth

    * Go for it guys, they were like my dream couple when Twi first came out. They have amazing chemistry, and are friends too! * =}