Style Showdown: Who Rocked a Maroon Suit Better? Ryan Gosling vs. Robert Pattinson

Ry-Gos VS R-Pattz!

Last week, Ryan Gosling wore a blue tux to the premiere of his indie flick Drive in Cannes. Celebuzz then pointed out the bold fashion statement was reminiscent of Robert Pattinson's maroon tux from the Eclipse premiere, and we even took it to Facebook for people to sound off on who looked better.

Well, it seems that Ry-Gos (or his stylist) answered our fashion prayers and put the sexy Canadian actor in none other than a maroon tux for an event on Sunday evening. So of course, we had to take it to our readers to see who rocked maroon suit better -- Ry-Gos or R-Pattz?

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  • Ayyyye

    They both look stupid.

  • edwardbella2

    As if there is any competition!!Ofcourse Rob rocks here as well!!You are looking great rob!!

  • chris

    Rob Patts. I don't like the black lapels on Ryan Gos.

  • sydsouth

    * Each of them look nice, guy on the left looks better to me because my favorite colors are black and burgandy. My verdict is guy on the left. It's more formal too.* =}

  • oniszko2

    Even though I do not like that color in a suit, I beleive that Robert wears it better.......He could be in a baggy and look good................................