‘The Muppets’ Teaser Trailer Makes Its Long-Awaited Debut! (VIDEO)

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Muppets fans rejoice! After what feels like (and pretty much has been) years of waiting, we’ve finally gotten a first look at Jason Segel’s ode to Jim Henson’s beloved creations, aptly titled, The Muppets.

The film won’t drop until November, but this should be able to hold over hardcore fans, at least for the time being.

So, what can we expect from the movie?

While this teaser doesn’t give too much away, we have to admit, we were just a tad confused when the trailer started.

It tries to fool viewers into thinking they’re watching a trailer for some sappy rom-com, but in actuality, you’re watching the trailer for the light-hearted, family fun film. Well played, Mr. Segel, well played.

Check it out for yourself above!

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