Darren Criss Sings Cee Lo Green Song at GQ Photo Shoot (VIDEO)

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Darren Criss answers the question: Do all pop songs have the same four chords? “That’s something I’ve been saying for years,” the Glee star says before breaking into song while on the set of his GQ Magazine photo shoot.

To prove his point, the singer grabs the guitar and belts out a few tunes that sound surprisingly the same. 

First up, Darren sings Cee Lo Green’s hit song “Forget You,” but then transitions into La Roux’s “Bulletproof.” That track then bleeds into his next tune by 4 Non Blondes called “What’s Going On.” This adorable clip is just a preview! Check out GQ’s exclusive iPad video with much more of Darren!

The Warblers frontman seems to feel most comfortable in front of cameras and on sets. He told GQ about his time on Glee, “It’s all very relaxing. You get a trailer on-set. You get treated really well.” The season finale of the singing show premieres Tuesday night, May 24, on FOX.