Exclusive: Jack Black Wants a Burrito-Filled Father’s Day (VIDEO)

Jack's 'Kung Fu' Moves
Jack Black has fun at the NY premiere.
Kung Fu in Cannes
Angelina Jolie attends the Cannes premiere.
With Father’s Day  approaching, Jack Black is already thinking about how he wants to spend the day. So what does he hope sons Sammy, 4, and Thomas, 3, will do for him?

“Hopefully, I’ll get to sleep in a little longer — two extra hours. And then wake up to a delicious breakfast burrito,” he told Celebuzz at the Kung Fu Panda 2 premiere in New York. Yum!

Watch Celebuzz’s interview with Jack to hear more about how he plans to spend the day with his father and much more!

Although Jack left his kids at home for the NY premiere, he entertained the crowds of young fans at the theater. Acting much like his character Po, the actor admits he almost turned down the part!

“At first, I wasn’t really into it… but then they showed me a clip of panda Po synced to my voice from High Fidelity, and it clicked in my head like ‘Yes. That totally makes sense… My voice in that panda is going to be a funny movie,'” he said.

After showing off his kung fu fighting skills on the red carpet, the actor revealed he hopes to make a third film. “I’d love to do more Kung Fu Panda, but it’s up to the audience to demand that,” he said.