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Kirstie Alley may or may not win that mirror ball trophy tonight on the Dancing With the Stars finale, but she sure isn't letting her slimmer figure go anytime soon.

QVC has a new organic weight loss initiative with Kirstie Alley coming up next weekend Saturday the 28th at 10am and 7pm.

"I can assure you that if you follow this program, you will get healthier, lose weight, and not be annoyingly hungry," Alley says.

So how can Celebuzz readers win here, too?

Well, we are giving away $150 to be used on QVC. Use it on the weight loss problem, or not, but the winner will get a certificate to be spent as desired.  Rachel Zoe and The Kardashian girls all have their own lines as well.

However, right now, Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison Weight Loss Program is all the rage. The entire line sold out already!  The Organic Liaison Weight Loss Program is available through QVC at

Here’s how to enter: Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Tumblr and then tell us in the comments: What’s your favorite way to stay healthy? 



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    My favoirte way is to stay on Weight Watcher and excerising is very important. THANKS...

  • Iulia Andronic
    Iulia Andronic

    The best way ever to stay in shape is to dance. It's the most suitable manner, it can be practice by anyone and anywhere, not to mention the joy and fun one can have when dancing.

  • Courtney Lynn Kozloski
    Courtney Lynn Kozloski

    my favorite way to stay healthy is by eating right and not starving myself and taking bike rides along the lake by my town! its active and fun and something that i never get tired of and give up on.

  • danielleakame

    bike riding on the beach! and btw Kirstie Alley you look amazing!!! such a transformation!

  • Dee

    I stay healthy by doing yoga and zumba and drinking lots of water! :)

  • anash

    i stay healthy by eating right! Thanks for the chance to win!! What a lovely giveaway anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    My favorite way to stay healthy is to work out on a daily basis @momtoem

  • carianiscaraballo

    Water, i drink a lot of water, that keep my body inside and out side clean and healthy, also I walk to the park with my son everyday and I not eat fried food.

  • ajhutch

    dance classes (mostly ballet, some hip hop). and the gym a couple times a week.

  • ajhutch

    dance classes (mostly ballet, some hip hop). and the gym a couple times a week.

  • Emily Neel
    Emily Neel

    I follow on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. I like to eat veggies several times a day to stay healthy.

  • 0170kennedt

    I try to walk my dog every day. It keeps both of us healthy!

  • Amani Deen
    Amani Deen

    i enjoy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, eating sweets in moderation, portioning and staying active by working out every day for at least an hour :o)

  • deanna6

    1. Like on FB(Deanna G.), follow on Twitter(@calidreamin87) & follow on Tumblr( 2. My favorite way to stay healthy is to keep active!

  • Cynthia Borbon
    Cynthia Borbon

    30 mins. Of daily workout!

  • Anne Ciani
    Anne Ciani

    The way I stay healthy is I drink lots of water, milk, and eat healthy. I walk when the weather is nice!

  • Cindy A.
    Cindy A.

    My favorite way to stay healthy is swimming but since I'm sans pool I have to settle for Wii Fit and neighborhood walks.

  • Emmy

    Hey thank you so much for this:) My favorite way to stay healthy is to wake up early in the morning when my dog needs to go out and jog with him, attend my bi-weekly zumba class, use my wii fit, and eat balanced proportions(3 meals a day, no snacking). I like you on facebook and follow you on twitter @emmybear411 THANKS(:

  • Kathryn Perkins
    Kathryn Perkins

    I love taking my daughter for a jog in the new jogging stroller I bought for us :) And also getting out and running with the dog helps me keep fit too :)

  • Pat Alls Royse
    Pat Alls Royse

    right now I can't exercise, but would love to start again. Need to lose 100lbs before my 3rd bk surgery. So would love the program!

  • Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks

    Drink plenty of h2o avoid soda and coffee!

  • ilovekardashians44

    My favorite way to stay healthy is to make sure that I always eat a balanced meal and that I get out and active to make sure that I'm always getting the exercise I need!

  • shannon

    I stay healthy by getting out with my 3yr old almost every day doing something. My daughter loves doing exercises!! The PS3 games that have exercises, we both love to do together!!

  • Melissa Kelley
    Melissa Kelley

    My favorite way to stay healthy is to stay away from carbs and doing exercise atleast 4-5 days a week.

  • April

    I did both... The best way to stay healthy is watching what I eat and using my fitnesspal to put down all the calories and exercising.

  • ecaterina29

    like u on facebook and follow u on twitter the way i stay healthy is by walking and doing little mini exercises here and there with my kids. i use my kids has weights

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    I stay healthy by eating a balanced diet in moderation.

  • wheat636

    My favorite way to stay healthy is to stay on my feet at work as much as possible (no time for the gym) and drink lots of hot water to keep my metabolism up and from getting hungry too much. Hot water has helped my body switch modes to burn energy faster.

  • twinklemepink06

    My favorite way to stay healthy is homemade smoothies with fresh fruit and veggies! It's easy to make, extremely healthy, and I know exactly whats in it. I liked Celebuzz on fb as Katherine Hassen; twitter as @kahassen; and tumblr as kahassen.

  • Elisabeth

    My favorite way to stay healthy is buy eating organic food!

  • Amy Pitts
    Amy Pitts

    i have found that walking is the best way for me

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    My favorite way of staying healthy is playing with my toddlers. We always spend our afternoons outdoor playing in the yard or go on a bike ride.<3