Jessica Alba Speaks at Safe Chemical Act Conference on Capitol Hill (PHOTOS)

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Looks like you can add Jessica Alba to the list of Hollywood heavy hitters that are not only talented, but love helping out a good cause as well.

The 30-year-old actress spoke on Capitol Hill on Tuesday afternoon in Washington DC, and her main focus was the Safe Chemical Act.

The reception of Jessica’s welcome was a warm one, as the National Resources Defense Council only had the nicest things to say about her.

NRDC blogger Daniel Rosenberg said:

“As someone committed to achieving real chemical reform in this country, I greatly appreciate Jessica Alba getting involved, and I have tremendous respect for her taking this step. I’m writing this particular post to register my appreciation, and to explain why I think her action is so significant.”

To read what else Daniel had to say about Jessica’s appearance, check out the NRDC’s official blog.

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