Justin Bieber Romances Older Woman in Fragrance Commercial (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber has been snapped romancing a brunette named Selena Gomez in his personal life, but he's going after a blonde in his commercial for his scent called Someday. 

The commercial begins with a pretty blonde girl spraying Bieber's scent on her neck, and then her dreams come true! Bieber appears and they fly through the sky together while subtly touching. The pop star also tends to smell her throughout the scenes. That pretty blonde is Dree Hemingway. 

In the print ads taken by infamous photographer Terry Richardson, Dree is snapped whispering in the ear of the 17-year-old heartthrob, but she's much older than the Biebs in real life. At age 23, the model/actress is the great granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway and her mother is actress Mariel Hemingway, best known for her role as the young girl in Manhattan who is romanced by Woody Allen. 

Bieber was excited to talk up his fragrance to Ryan Seacrest on Monday, May 23. "I’m looking for a fragrance that I’m gonna like on a woman,” he said of the Someday smell. The pop star described the scent as a “nice spring, light kind of smell,” saying he wanted the scent to be “appealing, and make me wanna chase the girl I smell.”

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  • Kagan

    What a load of horse nonsense. Justin Bieber can't handle older women and they are out of his league. Even Miley Cyrus who rejected him when he pursued her, would eat him alive.


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