Kristen Lands in London While Rob Films in Toronto: When Will They Reunite?

Kristen Lands in London While Rob Films in Toronto
Rob's New Costar
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While Robert Pattinson continues to shoot Cosmopolis in Toronto (where girlfriend Kristen Stewart was staying with him), Kristen landed in London on Tuesday.

Stewart's Snow White cast mates Sam Claflin and Charlize Theron have also been spotted in London, so we assume Kristen is in town to get going on Snow White and the Huntsman which is currently in pre-production and will be filming over there later this summer.

So what's next for Rob and Kristen?

The MTV Movie Awards are in Los Angeles on June 5 where sources close to the show tell Celebuzz Stewart will attend. Rob will also likely be there as long as no last minute Cosmopolis conflicts come up.

No offense to Taylor Lautner, but we are obviously rooting for Rob and Kristen to win best kiss. Surely R.Pattz will make it to LA to accept for the third time in a row. Wonder what they will do onstage if they win this year?

These two are just so busy! Glad they got some time to relax in Toronto.

In the meantime, we'll leave you with this little gem from Rob. In a new interview with Glamour Italy, Rob was asked how he pictures himself at age 90:

"I want to be with my wife, sitting on a deckchair, sipping some tea, and reading books in a retirement home, in a beautiful and warm place."

Such a romantic! Just wonder who that lucky wife will be? Hmm.



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  • steff17

    i prefer rob and kristen!!

  • edwardbella2

    Lovely Rob your thoughts are as pure as ever!! And as for as Robsten unity is concerned i think lovers don't need to unite because they are always there in each others hearts!!So best of luck for your new films ROBSTEN!!

  • oniszko2

    Also tell me what person in there right mind would get up there especially her and announce something like that.... You had better go back to your sources because what they told you was so wrong.....Maybe the problem is that you are gay and need to announce it somewhere.....and why not here........ YOUR SOURCES ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG......

  • oniszko2

    First of all have you lost your mind, she would never announce that on the stage, are you drunk.....And secondly she is not gay even if she were thats her business.....But I do believe that if they do win this year that she will kiss Robert......I have friends that live in Toronto and said they saw the two of them together holding hands when coming out of a restaurant.... They were very lovey dovey and there were not paps around to take there pictures.....You are so strange....

  • ABC

    you and your "close sources" are idiots.... shut the fuck up and get a life.... Kristen is not lesbian.

  • Chris

    I have very close sources that tell me that if they win this year Stewart is going to 'thank' the voters by announcing from on stage that she's actually a lesbian and they were faking it whole time, just like they did on screen.