Lacey’s Low Down: Finals Recap — It’s Up to the Fans!

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Each week, Dancing With the Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer will be right here on Celebuzz breaking down the past week’s routines, who she thinks stepped and strutted their way to victory … and who stumbled and might be on their way out. Read it straight from Lacey below!

What a crazy night! Everything was so awesome this season and Monday’s finals round was no exception!

Everyone did such a great job at the finals, and this season (more than ever) it’s seriously all up to the fans to pick a winner. They’re all just so good it’s hard to tell who will walk away with the mirror ball trophy!

So, who walked away at the top of the leader board?

Believe it or not Chelsea and Mark are tied with Hines and Kym! Pretty crazy! Which leaves Kirstie and Maks (who still did great) in third.

The judges had each dancer do three dances, including the famous freestyle and one for them to “redo.”

Hines Ward & Kym Johnson:
Hines did a quickstep and it was beautiful. He was so light on his feet! His quickstep was really cool, it was very much for the fans. It had the whole “black and yellow” thing going on and it was football themed, so it was just really cute.

Chelsea Kane & Mark Ballas:
Chelsea did a samba and she was just a sexy, samba, mamba girl! She was seriously so sexy out there tonight. Her freestyle rocked, too. She had this light up costume and it actually malfunctioned during the routine, but she still got three 10s and kicked some serious butt.

Kirstie Alley & Maksim Chmerkovskiy:
Kirstie came out and did a samba for her redemption dance and she just looked so beautiful. She’s slimmed down so much and just looks so fabulous. The judges liked it and gave her 9s. Then she kind of tricked people with her freestyle because it started off all slow then she busted out and really showed us what she’s got. She was doing cartwheels, lifts — it was so cool! It was kind of like her run on the show, starting off quiet then ending with a bang. It also kind of represented all the criticisms she gets in the press and whatnot so it was great to see her overcome that.

Like I said, this season, more than any other, it’s up to the fans! You don’t know who is voting and who the dedicated fans are.

Kirstie’s fan base is enormous and she got a standing ovation. Hines has all his football fans and also, not many people knew who Chelsea was when she first started and now she’s a household name.

That’s a wrap for Lacey’s Low Down for this season! I had so much fun doing this and thank you all for reading! I have lots of exciting stuff in the works and next season should be pretty interesting, so stay tuned! XOXO