Lady Gaga Wears Nearly Nothing for Best Buy Appearance (PHOTOS)

This isn’t the typical outfit a girl wears when running into Best Buy, but Lady Gaga is anything but typical. The pop star popped out in a bra and lingerie combo for her appearance at a New York City Best Buy on Monday, May 23. 

Monday marked the day of Gaga’s release of her album Born This Way, and not only did she show up at the electronics store but she also chatted with the women of The View before heading over to David Letterman’s show. 

The 25-year-old was masked and all smiles as she sat down with the veteran late night host. Gaga explained her look, calling herself “Batman.” Letterman couldn’t get off the pop star’s outfit, asking her several times, “What are you wearing? What aren’t you wearing?” Gaga replied, “I only liked the jacket so I decided that was all I would wear.” 

Letterman responded, “You and I are very different. I’ve never thought, ‘I’m just going to wear my underpants.'” She added, “We could do some magic tricks.” She said of her style, “It’s amazing. If you take your clothes off, it’s amazing what will happen.” Check out the interview below. 

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