Lindsay Lohan's Sis Ali Hits Beach in Bikini (PHOTOS)

Ali Lohan took after her big sister Lindsay and hit the beaches of Miami in a teeny bikini. The Hollywood heir relaxed with her sibling in the warm Florida waters. She even had someone bring her out a towel so she didn't have to walk the beach in just her bikini. 

This could be the last hurrah for Lindsay before she heads to jail. 

The Mean Girls actress has been showing off her awesome bikini body and relaxing with her sister and a handful of friends in Miami, but was recently sentenced to 120 days in jail and three years probation after stealing a necklace from a boutique.

Jail aside, while the sisters frolicked on the beach, Lindsay's temporary tattoo started to bleed off. The ink, which included an Asian-ish design and the word “blood,” got smudged by the salty waves. Lindsay is currently in Miami for a photo shoot with a local magazine.


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  • wallace

    Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen is one of the best tween comedies to come out in years. The title is baillirnt, the poster is very cute, and Lindsay Lohan does not disappoint with her acting. It's a simple story and the plot is almost nonexistant, but it is told in a unique and very clever away. Overall, I really enjoyed the film, but two things bothered me. It would have been nice for some of the lesser characters to have been fleshed out, especially Lohan's love interest, who is just not given enough to do. I couldn't understand why they liked each other or how they got together at the end. His character had no purpose and only seemed to be there to have the needed' love interest. Doesn't work! Also, the musical number near the end of the film seemed to come out of nowhere, and only to promote Lohan's CD. It was a cheap shot and didn't work and ALMOST, but not quite, ruined what is an otherwise top-notch entry in forgettable tween comedies. I think the reason the film ultimately succeeds is because of Lohan's character Lola (Real Name: Mary), who is very fun and likeable. Her view of life is a great one and I am sure the drama queen in all of us can relate to her exaggerated way of thinking. Lohan brings charm and sass to the role and makes her character very special. Lola is one of the most wonderful cinematic characters I have encountered and she truly made the film rise above-average. Add the always wonderful Carol Kane, Glenne Headly, Adam Garcia (Coyote Ugly), and Alison Pill (Pieces of April) to the mix, and you have a winner. This was truly a nice change of pace.

  • Mukesh

    dijo:Tremendas tetas, tiene el culo un poco caido pero, Tremendas tetassi son muy bunaes tetas, deberia ir al gym solo le falta endurecer un poco el lomo. Y volver al colorado, el rubio le queda mal para mi

  • Susie

    You're pretty fucking creepy dude.

  • justaguy

    mmm...what a tight little body on her...i want it!!!

  • justaguy

    She looks sexy in this pic!! mmmm

  • Sara

    Why isn't she naked?

  • MrLaardi

    Complete horror case like her sister. Lindsay Lohan is one of the most overrated actresses there is. No skill, no looks, nothing.

  • Noah

    Why would her friend/towel boy run into the ocean while wearing jeans? This doesn't add up.

  • Antonio Martinez
    Antonio Martinez

    Wow Ali sure is growing up fast. Hopefully not too fast. Enjoy your youth!!!!