Oprah Winfrey Brought to Tears on Finale Show (VIDEO)

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During the second day of her finale show series, Oprah Winfrey could no longer hold back the tears.

In a clip from today's program, the talk show icon breaks down during a performance of "Change for the Good" which showed a montage of all the people she's helped over the years. In full disclosure, most of the Celebuzz staffers also needed to reach for a tissue. Click the video to see the water works! 

Meanwhile, new reports say Oprah's final guest for her very last show tomorrow has been revealed.

Supposedly, the very last person to share the stage with the daytime diva will be ... Oprah!

"This is my love letter to you," Access Hollywood quotes her telling the star-filled audience (famous pals such as Tyler Perry, Maria Shriver, and Gayle King have been with her all week).

Another audience member told the Associated Press: 

"It was just her the whole time, a recap of what she believed in, what we've given her as viewers and what she hopes she has given us."
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  • Chamling William
    Chamling William

    My sweet and amazing {ophra} love you then everything... be happy all the time and may the grace of lord alaways be with you.........!!!n you no what your my distiny dont know when i'll get to meet but despretly waiting for that day......lv u lv u lv u lv u}}


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