Source Confirms Haley Reinhart Rehearsing for ‘American Idol’ Finale

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UPDATE: All is well in American Idol land and the final two will perform as planned. Lauren just took the stage to tell the audience “fine” and “ready to sing.”

Sources tell Celebuzz that American Idol third-runner up Haley Reinhart — who was voted off last week — is currently on stage rehearsing for tonight’s finale.

As reported earlier, Lauren Alaina may be forced to sit out her big moment because she’s lost her voice. According to our source, she’s currently seeking medical attention and won’t know until moments before the show starts if she can perform. As a backup, Haley has been called back!

Celebuzz reached out to FOX, who says they have “no comment.”

Meanwhile, a tweet from TV Line’s Michael Slezak shows Lauren getting ready in the makeup room.