Taylor Lautner's Trainer: How to Get His Abs! (VIDEO)


There's no doubt Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner is all buff and stuff, but how did he get those oh-so-enviable abs? His trainer Jordan Yuam reveals Taylor's six pack secrets in a brand-new video!

We all know Taylor has a background in martial arts, which certainly worked to his advantage when it was time to hit the gym. Even so, it takes hard work and dedication to get results. Read on to learn the five key moves to Taylor's awesome abs -- and watch the video to follow along and see how they're done.

Five Key Moves to Taylor's 6-Pack Abs: 1. Leg raises -- 12 reps, 2 sets each 2. Diagonal isometrics -- 3 reps per side, 8 seconds each 3. Breathing exercise 1 -- Inhale for 5 seconds and slowly exhale, 3 reps 4. Breathing exercise 2 -- While taking quick breaths, tighten, inhale, and exhale, 12 reps 5. Ball crunches -- 17 reps



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  • nataleyswan

    This is sick! He has amazing abs! I am totally making my boyfriend do his ab workout on ExerciseTV tonight!

  • sydsouth

    * How to get Taylor lautners ABS??? Thats easy, you have to born as him. His abs are meaty looking and nice looking, no body could look like him. * =}

  • mike1

    Taylor is in awsome shape ,and has fantastic Abs. You can see he works hard to get that 6 pack :)

  • Noah

    I bet he swallowed a few tapeworms to help out on the calorie counting.