Brad Pitt: Sexy Stubble or Clean Shaven?

Sexy Stubble
Hollywood hotties get bearded.
Brad Pitt has said good riddance to his salt-and-pepper stubble, showing up clean shaven at the Los Angeles premiere of his film Tree of Life. 

Without the facial hair, the 47-year-old actor looked years younger, resembling his earlier styles in Legends of the Fall and A River Runs Through It. What do you think of Brad’s looks? Do you prefer a little facial hair or his clean shaven look? Vote on the poll below and leave us some comments while you’re at it!

While we discuss Brad’s facial hair, the critics are giving their two cents about the actor’s film Tree of Life. 

At the Cannes Film Festival, the film got mixed reviews during it’s first screening, being welcomed with both an applause and some boos. According to Entertainment Weekly onlookers, people fought their way into the screening to see the highly anticipated film, but some were not so pleased with what they saw.

However, renowned movie critic Roger Ebert was in “awe” of the film. His review reads, “[Tree of Life] functions to pull us back from the distractions of the moment, and focus us on mystery and gratitude.” The movie hits theaters May 27 nationwide.