Exclusive: ‘Voice’ Contestant Javier Colon Sings Heart Out for His Daughters (VIDEO)

Frenchie Is Back!
Frenchie returns to reality TV on 'The Voice.'
Javier Colon may just won the “battle round” on the The Voice, but he isn’t breathing a sigh of relief just yet. The singer won America (and all four judges) over during the first round of audition when he sang Cyndi Lauper’s tune “Time After Time.”  His infectious voice seemed to turn everyone into putty.

As the singing competition rages on, Javier is ready to sing his heart out for his number one fans: his two daughters.

“They love the show and love watching it,” Javier told Celebuzz. “The other day we were in the museum and my daughter went over to a random older women and said, ‘Did you see my daddy on TV?’  I was really embarrassed. But they are very proud of their daddy, which is awesome.”

After struggling to support his family, after parting ways with Capital Records, the talented star is embracing the new-found resurgence and fame.

“This show has breathed new life into my career,” he said. “I’ve always been running around the house with a guitar. Music is a big part of my daughter’s lives. We have songs for bath time, bedtime, breakfast time… and now they’re old enough to see me perform and do what I love.”

As he hits the stage once again, Javier is thinking about his family, as he hits every note.

“I’m hope I can make everyone proud. Hopefully, I can come through in the end, but I’m just taking baby steps one day at a time,” he said.

Be sure to watch Javier Colon’s exclusive performance at the Celebuzz offices and catch him each week on NBC’s The Voice.