Hilary Duff Gives Kim Kardashian Engagement Advice (VIDEO)

The multi-talented Hilary Duff is showing off a new skill — bowling with melons! What has her trying this crazy twist on the popular activity in New York City’s Madison Square Park? 

It’s all part of her campaign to “Try Everything,” which she explains to Celebuzz, plus offers up advice to newly engaged Kim Kardashian — and talks making a movie with Charlie Sheen!

Hilary has teamed up with SoBe to promote their new flavors, so they took over Madison Square Park and invited the public to try flavor-inspired activities alongside the celebrity spokesperson. There was also a screen printing station and live art installation with a local street artist. All in a day’s work! 

Taking a break from the activities, she told Celebuzz she’s thrilled about Kim’s engagement and offered some advice as a fairly recent newlywed herself, saying: 

“Congratulations! … Everybody told me when I got engaged to enjoy the moment and make the most of it.”

She’s also in the upcoming movie She Wants Me, which stars Charlie Sheen. Although didn’t film any scenes with him, she says the word on set is that he’s a total pro: 

“I didn’t film any scenes with him … so I don’t have any dramatic stories. [Actually] I was told he was always on time and very professional.”

Watch the video to see more with Hilary!

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