Holly Madison: 'Marriage Is Not the Best Thing That Can Happen to You'

Holly Madison on Marriage
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Reality star and Vegas performer Holly Madison recently called it quits with boyfriend Jack Barakat, and shared her views with Buzznet about love and marriage. 

Despite their breakup, Holly had nothing but nice things to say about her former rock star beau, even revealing that she admires him. "It's funny that you mentioned Jack in the question before, because the first thing that popped into my head when you said what do I admire about other people, is Jack's ability to balance work and fun in his life. He's a really hard worker, but still has time for the people in his life and to have a good time. Sometimes I think all I do is work and I need a little more balance in my life! Balance is key."

In addition to Jack, the reality star has been linked to some big Hollywood names including Hugh Hefner and Criss Angel, but is she thinking about marriage?

Holly told Buzznet, "Perhaps, though I'm more concerned about having children in the future than getting married. Marriage is not the best thing that can happen to you, as a woman. If I woke up one morning and discovered I was getting married (be it to anyone) and that everything I'd accomplished for myself in the last few years was all a dream, I'd be devastated!"

So what's up next for this independent woman? "I have several diverse business projects coming up in the next year that I am really excited about. In the super-near future it's all about shooting Season 3 of Holly's World and developing another show, but as one of the producers, not as the star."

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  • Texas Slim Jim
    Texas Slim Jim


  • Donkey Horse
    Donkey Horse

    I hate to this day seeing the names Holly and Criss together. That relationship made us all so sick. It was 4 months of hell watching Criss date this loser. I saw them on a talk show interview. People looked confused who Holly was until Criss said "Holly pull up your shirt and pull down your pants" THEN everybody realized who Holly was.

  • Donkey Horse
    Donkey Horse

    haha oh please this skank asked Criss Angel to marry her after dating only one month. She is begging to get married before her plastic boobs and plastic vagina melt.

  • Barbara

    Ewwww who would want to marry this bimbo. Her boobs are fake her vagina is plastic and she liked having sex with a man who was old enough to be her Poppy just to get her tits in lighs. That magician Chris Angel she dated lost so many of his fans because they were GROSSED OUT he flaunted her like she was a prize. HELLO SHE IS FAKE.

  • Ralph T
    Ralph T

    Isn’t she the girl who made a chocolate mold of her vagina for her Grandfather. Holly said he loved her vagina so she wanted to make a mold of it for him. That was on TV. I love her.


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