‘Twilight’ Fans Mob Taylor Lautner After His Jimmy Kimmel Appearance (PHOTOS)

It really doesn’t matter what movie Taylor Lautner is promoting — Twilight fans will be out in full force, whether it’s the wildly popular vampire movies or not.

That was exactly the case when Lautner did a promotional appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night. After chatting with the host about his movie Abduction, Lautner left the El Capitan Theater to find himself mobbed by overzealous Twi-hards.
With a big grin and a pen ready, Lautner graciously greeted his fans by signing photos, pieces of paper, and even some T-Laut dolls.

When asked by Kimmel during the show if some of his professional football player friends knew him from Twilight, Lautner joked about being recognized.

“It’s so weird, because I didn’t expect them to. These guys are huge … and I’m in the locker room and they’re running out of the locker room screaming and running on the field and they’ll stop and go “Woah, it’s the wolf boy” Some of them will do that and some will play it cool, and go “Are you Taylor Lautner?”

Lautner said they’re “all done” filming the Breaking Dawn movies, and that “it’s very weird” to have things wrapped up with the cast he grew up with.

“It’s strange to know I’m not going back filming as Jacob Black anymore.”