Expert Tells Celebuzz: Which ‘American Idol’ Will Become the True Star?

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Even though Scotty McCreery took the title on American Idol, his success isn’t a guarantee.  As seen with previous winners, getting the most votes to win doesn’t always translate to hit songs and album sales. 

Each season has also seen breakout stars — some of them became even bigger than the person who won that year (Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken, to name a few). Celebuzz talked to Lisa Damiani, founder of Star Rock for Kids!, for her professional opinion on how the AI gang can ensure their stardom.

What are some of the most important decisions can Scotty make that might ultimately affect his post-Idol success?
American Idol is a family oriented program. An Idol champion should not make decisions that would compromise the wholesome image America came to know and love. The audience is your fan base and they will buy your record. You don’t want to disappoint them by becoming something different than what they saw on the show and risk losing the very audience that awarded you this prestigious title.

What challenges might Scotty (or another successful contestant) face after their departure from the show?
There will be many challenges they will face. One will be the change of their daily lives as they adjust to a new routine after coming off the “high” of being on one of the biggest television shows of our time. Winning or having a successful appearance on “Idol” is just the beginning of the journey to success. Just because a contestant won doesn’t mean they are guaranteed a successful career. While being faced with this challenge, they need to have integrity in what they do, who they are and where they are going.

How might contestants work on their image so that being an Idol doesn’t become their sole identity?
Carrie Underwood is a great example. She kept her clean image from American Idol but as her career flourished, as she did she. Carrie developed into a woman from the girl that appeared on that had first appeared on the American Idol stage. Contestants need to stay true to themselves – which will never lead them the wrong way. They can’t go wrong by remaining true to who they are as they grow into the better person they inspire to become.

Why do some AI alums become chart-toppers, while others fade into oblivion?
It is about the choices the contestants make in their professional and personal lives that affect their success. Are they emotionally, mentally and physically equipped to handle the commitments and pressures of this industry? Have they strayed and tried to become something different than who they are? In the end, it also comes down to their song choices. Do they have a hit song and do they have another one to follow? A hit song is what keeps an artist on the radio, on the charts and in the public’s eye; without one, people will forget about them.