Jessica Szohr on ‘Twilight’ Heartthrob: Kellan Lutz Doesn’t Know He’s Hot

Kellan Goes Shirtless
Kellan Lutz sheds the shirt for a day at the beach!
According to Jessica Szohr, Kellan Lutz has no idea that he’s got it going on! 

The Gossip Girl and Twilight hottie worked together in New Orleans on the set of Love Wedding Marriage and she said there were a few Twihards hanging around set.  Jessica admitted to Celebuzz while at a SoBe event in NYC that she’s gotten lucky when it comes to working with beautiful men! “It was so interesting being on set with Chace [Crawford], and Penn [Badgley] and Ed [Westwick], and all the girls freak! Then being on set with Kellan and I mean, it’s insane,” she said, comparing her sexy costars.

However, the difference is, Kellan doesn’t know he’s hot.

“The cutest thing about Kellan is he’s so oblivious to it,” Jessica explains smiling. “He’s like walking and not understanding that these girls are following him and screaming and freaking out. He’s like ‘What’s going on?'”

Jessica’s role in the new movie Love Wedding Marriage is just one way she’s transitioning out of her Gossip Girl role and into more of a film career. She explained her reasoning for leaving the show, telling Celebuzz, “I’ve been playing the same role for four years, so I was just kind of ready for a change.” Keep a look out for her as she’s working on a few movies and has a few more coming out this year, including Love Wedding Marriage. Check out the trailer below.