Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Have a Lover's Lunch in Hawaii (PHOTOS)

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Have Lunch in Maui
Justin & Selena Kiss!
Justin Bieber lays one on Selena Gomez, and we have the video to prove it! Read More »

We all know by now that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have ditched their usual pop star duties to take a Hawaiian vacation, so it should come as no surprise that the two were spotted having a leisurely lunch at the Four Seasons on Wednesday afternoon.

It wasn't just the couple though, as a mystery woman and man joined the pair. They all looked relaxed (and tan!) as they munched on some grub and even exchanged pleasantries with a few lucky fans.

So, what kind of stuff have they been up to in the enchanting land of Hawaii?

It may seem that the vacay is all fun and games, but JB tweeted about how he is learning on the trip as well!

"Hawaii is so nice. Met a local named Samson 2day. good dude. told us that Aloha isnt just hello. it means affection, love, & peace. #HAWAII"
Love it!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the photos of Biebs and Sel-Go from when they first arrived below.

You can also check out the photos of their lunch date in the gallery! Also, don't forget to follow Celebuzz on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!


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  • cyrus

    hey Theresa CYRUS are you miley CYRUS sisters?

  • SMILey

    shes wearing a different top now!

  • nae

    no the the gallery is called selena gomez and justin beiber having a date in maui thats in hawaii isnt it

  • G6xx

    Selema is gettin ditchd by everyone Selema: oii guys w8 up im not finished my milk

  • Hey

    Its not his mom though.. its Carin go look at pictures of his mom and you will see that its not.... jeez

  • samwalsh11

    and why would she be on a date with them?

  • 4everJBgirls

    no that is everybodys mom -.-

  • Theresa Cyrus
    Theresa Cyrus

    U mean cute?

  • Kailee

    It's not Justin mom.. Trust me Patricia Mallete dosent look like that!!! It's Scooter girlfriend(:

  • L

    No. That is scooter brauns girlfriend. It is a couples week in hawaii.

  • Jordynn

    is that his MOM?

  • mimi

    it is his mom!, thi gallery's called justin bieber and selena gomez lunnch with his mom"

  • Ange

    kinda looks like Michelle Rodriguez :-P

  • Wing Bububiba
    Wing Bububiba

    oh!! They are so sweet..

  • courtes

    no its Carin scooters girlfriend and i think she works in wardrobe on tour with just

  • david b conway
    david b conway

    dear web site , hi my name is david conway and my comments to mis selena marie gomez , the girl friend off justin bieber , i just have a lot off concerned just about well fare just for selena marie gomez , just think it,s time for her to break up with justin bieber it,s not worithy any more just for her , im sorry mis selena marie gomez , open your eyes selena , justin bieber doesn,t love you any more , he just using you get out off it selena marie gomez , love david b conway

  • Lucy

    Its not justins mum, so i presume it is.

  • Anne

    no thats justin's mom

  • Anne

    i have no hate against them but i am soooo sock of them leave them alone


    I LOVEEE YOUU SELENA!! im your biqqest fann!!!:D i dont like justin and i really dont like his music but his cuttee and i ove his new hair cut!!! and i just wanna say dat youu and justin make a cuttee couple 2qether!!!:D


    wooowwww!!!! i thought they broke up a lonq time aqo??....... ohhh wellls there still a cute couple!!:D

  • Betzy

    isnt that selena's mom with them?


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