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Recent reports claim Sarah Palin is “furious” over daughter Bristol Palin’s new boyfriend Kyle Massey. Problem is, they’re not dating each other. 

A source close to the Dancing with the Stars contestants tells Celebuzz that the two have grown close as friends: “They are both in relationships. Kyle has a long-term girlfriend.”

Part of the National Enquirer report, however, may ring true (maybe).

Mama Palin is supposedly upset with Bristol’s relationship — but the tabloid never gives specifics on who the guy is. Their source says: 

“Sarah is furious at Bristol for going so quickly from man to man … She is doing her best to prevent Bristol’s new relationship from being featured in the reality show.”

Given that our contacts also say Bristol is dating, it may be fair to assume part of the story could be correct in that Sarah doesn’t want her daughter’s private life to be aired on TV. Fair enough! 

Kyle and Bristol will be moving in together, but it’s to film a new reality show. The currently untitled project will follow her move to Los Angeles, where she’ll be living with her DWTS buddy and his brother Christopher Massey to work on an as-yet unidentified charity project.

Celebuzz contacted Kylie’s talent agency, who confirmed our source’s info, saying, “No, Bristol and Kyle are not dating. Bristol’s mom and dad are really great people. They are fun, intelligent and are great to be around when you get to know them. Bristol is a sweet girl; she and Kyle became great friends during DWTS and the show idea was developed in the breakroom at the rehearsal studio. Angel Massey, Christopher Massey and the Palin family got along very well during the run of the show. If you watch some of the tapes from DWTS, Mrs. Palin was cheering Kyle on as his family was cheering for Bristol as well. Kyle has that infectious personality that allows him to be uninhibited by the normal gossip or negative energy as it relates to other people — that’s why he always makes friends with people everywhere he goes. Kyle’s mom and Mrs. Palin and Bristol’s dad all get along well, and Christopher, Kyle, Tripp and Bristol will make a great team for sure on screen. It will b a fun show, stay tuned!” 

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