Pippa Middleton Takes an Easy Stroll Through London (PHOTOS)

A Guide to Pippa
Get to know Kate Middleton's (hot) younger sister.
While her sister Kate is off meeting with the Obamas and doing other very royal things, Pippa Middleton is just living the normal life … sort of.

Kate’s younger sister — who became a bit of a phenomenon following her worldwide debut at the Royal Wedding thanks to her good looks — has done a bit of jet-setting in recent weeks, though Thursday she was living things a bit more local. Pippa was spotted strolling through the streets of London, looking equal parts casual and adorable.
With oversized sunglasses keeping things dim, Pippa walked about in a bright pink blouse, a black blazer, blue jeans and some very cute black boots. It’s an outfit that 90% of gals probably own these days, but when it’s on Pippa, there’s just an air of royalty to it.

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