SPOILER ALERT: ‘American Idol’ Winner Revealed!

Idol Finalists!
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The moment has finally arrived! The final two singers — the youngest in American Idol history — faced off for the last time tonight. Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina both had country roots, which obviously played to their advantage since they were the last two standing.

After a last minute scare on Tuesday night that Lauren wouldn’t be able to perform due to losing her voice (which many called a publicity stunt, but we want to believe a young Southern Belle wouldn’t lie to America), she gave it her all and showed her star power. Did the triumphant performance score her enough votes to take it all?

Sadly, no. Sorry Lauren! Scotty was named this year’s American Idol, as just about nobody would have predicted at the start of the season. The quiet country boy next door passed under the radar at the beginning of the competition, slowly advancing round after round. After avoiding the bottom just about every week during elimination nights, it became obvious he had a dedicated fan following. Natch, they continued to vote like crazy and got that boy a record deal. Yee-haw! 

It’s easy to see how the red-head burrowed into the hearts of Americans. He’s super sweet! After learning of his win, in his moment of glory he said:

“It’s been a year since Lauren Alaina and I tried out now … and we’re going to stay together.”

Such a sweetheart! In a year of many shocking eliminations — Casey, Pia, James — did the right person win? Sound off in the comments below!