Zach Galifianakis Feeds Fruit to Will Ferrell (VIDEO)

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The hunk gets goofy – check out the pics!
There was a lot of “high fivin’ and smiles” on the latest Funny Or Die episode of Between Two Ferns when host and Hangover Part II star Zach Galifianakis welcomed funnyman Will Ferrell to the show.

“Can I just stop you real quick and just say what a wonderful atmosphere you have here,” Will said of the show. “It’s a great set, it’s a great vibe and incredible spread.” The two comedians get a bit intimate when fruit is thrown into the mix. As they begin to eat an assortment of berries, Zach decides to share a strawberry with Will … while it’s in his mouth. 

But the shenanigans don’t stop there! Another familiar face shows up on the show!

Mad Men star and Bridesmaids boyfriend Jon Hamm walks onto set claiming that he forgot his keys! Jon appeared on a previous episode of Between Two Ferns a while ago and when inquiring about his keys, Zach responded, “That was like two and a half years ago.” Jon later finds his keys in one of the ferns. 

When he’s not hosting an Internet show, Zach has been promoting his highly anticipated comedic sequel The Hangover II that comes out today, May 26. However, the men of the movie were overshadowed at the Los Angeles premiere of their film when Crystal the monkey showed up on the scene! Check out the pics below!