Because He’s Hot! Josh Hartnett Suited Up at El Museo 2011 Gala (PHOTOS)

Because He's Hot: B-Coop
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Where has hottie Josh Hartnett been?!? It’s been ages since we’d seen the actor before he stepped out Thursday night, May 26, looking sexier than ever!

Josh wore a tuxedo to the El Museo 2011 Gala in New York City, and had a little bit of sexy stubble as he posed for pics. The actor rode in solo, but according to some tabloids, the Pearl Harbor actor is setting out to prove he’s not the ladies man that everyone thinks he is. 

According to, he said in an interview, 

“They called me a Hollywood cad. I think it’s fantastic, having been in two real relationships in my life. .. It doesn’t surprise me because they want to make a story out of anything, really.”

He added, “Ninety-five percent of the rumors are false and I just laugh. It’s funny how they connect you to everyone in the room.”