Fashion on the Fly: Fergie & Josh Duhamel Touch Down at LAX

Fergie’s Airport Style
Fergie shows off her studded style.
Fergie and her hubby Josh Duhamel looked quite fashionable as they trekked their luggage through LAX after a flight from New York City.

The Black Eyed Peas front woman stepped out wearing an all-neutral ensemble complete with a pair of big sunglasses. Meanwhile, her burly beau was not too far behind her, wearing a baseball cap and carrying the bulk of the luggage. 

Just this month, Josh chatted with Ellen DeGeneres about one of his getaways with his wife, but it wasn’t so romantic. 

“My wife is very regimated,” Josh detailed how he surprised her with a trip to La Paz, Mexico for their anniversary. Fergie was surprised alright! He told Ellen

“She was like, oh this is the most romantic thing you’ve ever done. I can’t believe this. About three hours later she’s vomiting all over the place…She got sick for like a day and half. I was like, Happy Anniversary babe. I’m going to surf, but she felt better. She got over it.”