Kendall & Kylie Jenner Answer Fans' Questions for Celebuzz! (VIDEO)

Ask and you shall receive!

Last week, we told the Celebuzz readers to submit questions for a Kendall and Kylie Jenner video Q&A session, and the first round of answers has finally come!

The girls sat down to answer as many fan burning questions as they could! If you want to know if they got to your questions, all you have to do to is watch the video above, and you'll also get a first hand look into these ladies' minds!

And as we previously mentioned, this is the first in a round of videos, so if they didn't answer your question this time or if you want to submit a new one, click here!  If that's not enough, get your Kendall and Kylie fix by checking out some adorable photos below of the sisters as they evolved from little kids to beautiful young ladies!

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  • Stephie

    which is your favorite movie?

  • Stephie

    hey Kendall and Kylie!!!! If you have to choose, which animal would you like to be? PD: I bought an eyecream like youuu, i love iiitt!!!!

  • aicha

    kendall why you no longer use your blackberry bold white?

  • icecream

    who was the one who found kim earing in the ocean and do u like being a aunt to mason

  • jwolfie

    Kendall u r the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. you are also the closest thing to perfect a girl can get. Is there anyone way i can talk to u? by the way i am 16 and a guyy haha

  • jamie wolf
    jamie wolf

    kendall i think u r the most beautiful girl in the world and u r the closest thing to perfect a girl can get. how can i get in contact with u to talk haha btw im 16 and a guyy

  • Brigitte

    do you guys ever get jelous of each other and others in the family?

  • Joanne Anthony
    Joanne Anthony

    Kylie did ur cartilage piercing hurt??

  • amieluvya

    shut up ur just a slut and your man! just cuz they r gorge!!! and u may not be doesn't mean you have to be mean everyone has feelings soo dont be mean you big meany!!

  • amieluvya

    ok... you may have pictures of the kardashians all over your rooms and talk about them non stop...... but i and my cousin are the ULTIMATE fans!!! we love you soo much and respect your every move!!! we love lamar, scott(even tho he can be a lil ass sometimes:)) and well it ma take some getting used too.. we love kris h. tooooo!!!! Brucey you are the ULTIMATE dad evvvvvvverrrrrr and kris j. ahhh your a dramatic one.. but i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu haha you have some of the best sayings!! " i really am crying" "are you INSANE???" "i love sorry" "you guyes really hurt my feelings!" yaa.. and some more! ROBBBIEEE you sexxyyy mannnnn!!! ahhh i love you! like if i could marry you.. guess what i would! ahh and when i saw you get that tattoo of Adrienne Bailon i thought that was soo cute.. but almost cried!!! (cuz it wasnt meee or my cousin graceeee) lamarrr..your my fav guy onon the show everrr your so nice and treat khloe like a queen good luck with the bball!! 9 my grandma loves you)and who can forget kendall??? shes gorge!!! she could pull off being like 20!! (thats a good thing!!) and kylie your soo cute and prettyyy and guess what we r the same ageeee!!! ( you look so much older than mee) Malika Haq ( im sorry your sister was only on once but shes soo pretty) and you you are just drop dead gorgeous!!! like ive never seen anyone so pretty in my lifeeee!!!! jamie... you kinda bug me but after you were put into your place and got beter your a pretty funnyyyy guy!!! We're glad your back on track with your health!!! We missed you!! and baby mason!!! your such a cutie... but your growing up soo fast!!! you look soo cute walking down the isle as the ring beerier!!! and the three girls who make my life go on!! Kim kourt and klohe!! lets start with sassy kim... i have to admit when the show started i didnt like you but now you've come so far in your business and you seem to grow on me and i luvv yaaa... the show wouldn't be complete with your sassy business side of you! kort.. your such a cute mom and mason was a blessing in disguise to keep you and scott together you r now such a cute family and hope to see you guys merry soon...if thats what you want!!!!!! khloe your soo down to earth and make me laugh all the time i talk about you all the time (not to be weird) and this leads us to the best of all........ Henry. the. giraffe!!!!!!!!!!!! anytime hes on we whatch the episode ten times and scream our living heads off!! we LOVEEEE him from the day you got him to the phone cal he joined in on when kim got her butt xray!!! till you waddled away with kourt through your GORGEOUS hallway!! as you can see we love all of you and best fishes... if you could some how tell us you saw this it would be much appreciated we love you with all our hearts and best wishes!!! (ps if we forgot anyone soooooooo sorry:))

  • jesus rojas
    jesus rojas

    How does it feel be so beautiful? From venezuela

  • jesus rojas
    jesus rojas

    How does it feel be so beautiful?

  • Becka

    Hey Kendall and Kylie! What kind of music do you like to listen to? (:

  • Nikki

    Hi Kendall and Kylie ! [: I would like to ask, what is your daily hair & makeup routine. (Favorite Products , Brands, ETC) I do hope you guys answer my question !! :D

  • Meriame

    I just want to know what are the beauty products that you use for your skin. Also with which software do you girls make your videos cauz they're awesome ! Thank you & love u girls ! From Paris !

  • Becka

    Hey Kendall and Kylie! Are you friends with the camera crew that films Keeping up with the Kardashians or are they just in the background filming? (:

  • Gustavo Limas
    Gustavo Limas

    kendall, Wooow! you are very beautiful, I just want to know when you look at a man? kisses! return it! :)

  • Sabrin

    What are your beauty must have?

  • tahan

    hey kendall i love you soo much. sory kylie but i think you are the preetiest. but my question was that do you guys have real facebook? if you do could you plese send me the links on my email ( so i can be your friend. i will always love you guys

  • Purgatory

    If I had to chose between an average girl with good morals or a hot SLUT I'd chose the good morals. The Kardashian and Jenner girls may look good but they're all sluts

  • Purgatory

    Shouldn't you find something better to do than sit here and tell people they don't have a right to voice their opinion like every one else here did?

  • Jessie

    are you guys going to come to australia or new zeland? PLEASE COME! :)

  • mariexx

    what inspires your day to day outfits? xx

  • ?????

    do u ever become friends with any of ur fans?

  • ?????

    were do u guys live?

  • ?????

    Do you guys plan on waiting till marriage to have sex? and intercourse?

  • Cherish

    the video isnt playing for me:(

  • Georgie

    You should start doing a ustream together :)

  • Sole


  • serena

    hi it is serena i have a question. Do you get annoyed went ur mom tells u to do something and she repaets and why?

  • maddiekorb1

    What are the weirdest things about each other? Love you guys! Maddie

  • hazel

    What a horrible thing to say to these 2 children. You should be arrested.

  • Elona Vyaz
    Elona Vyaz

    Do you guys get treated normally at school? Any fun plans this summer? -Elona:) Love you guys !!!! <3

  • jasmine

    do you guys get alongg? <3

  • abigailmartinez95

    Are you guys allowed to date boys?? like kendall ur 15 and like most 15 yr old girl date, r u parents against that or r they cool will it???

  • flaka

    do you cry when you watch movies?? cos i do:P:P

  • Kim Hotson
    Kim Hotson

    im on the pill and its not just for sex its for you period when there to painfull or off and on all the time- just cuss theyre celebritys of watever doesnt make everything they do a big deal no one cares that im on it or half the world is its also just to stop them not for sex

  • dyanis10

    I Can't watch the video :( Whyy ?? Question: What's the most expensive thing you guys have bought ?

  • mandy

    i love them both <3

  • sam3

    I be happy to they ask me questions.

  • Miah Aviles
    Miah Aviles

    Were you embarrassed when the episode of your sisters talking to you about how to use a pad and a tampon? Did you or do you get made fun about it?

  • Miah Aviles
    Miah Aviles

    Where you embarrassed when the episode of your sisters talking to you about how to use a pad and a tampon? Did you or do you get made fun about it?

  • monica

    she is a model not a porn star, just because she tends to be sexier than you doesn't mean you should hate her. she doesn't just take her clothes off for money, find something better to do than run your mouth, it's not attractive and it is pathetic!

  • catherinelodge

    Hi Kendall and Kylie, I just wanted to ask you guys what position you are in cheer and could you post a video clip of you guys cheerleading on you tube also do you think you guys will be visiting the UK?? I'm a cheerleader also but I mostly back and front LOL, Jamfest is soo so got to cheer and practice hard !! ;) Thanks for reading Love you guys , from Catherine xxxxxxxx

  • SK8johnson

    lol i was just thinking of how much it would suck to be a loser like you.. nobody made you come here and see their video.. ask yourself what is the motivation behind your presence on this page

  • SK8johnson

    haters are such tiny people with tiny ambitions.. people like you have nothing better to do. its a good thing nobody gives a fuck what you think

  • SK8johnson


  • SK8johnson

    great people talk about ideas. average people talk about things. small people talk about other people...

  • camellia

    so what does it mean when a guy starts telling u to do the right thing and hanging out with u for like 10seconds 3 times a day and puting his arm around you while u r looking at something plz write back he has been doing that for 2 weeks now help!

  • maddiekorb1

    What is ur favorite color nail polish?

  • maddiekorb1

    Hi Kendall and Kylie, What are ur favorite fruits? What sports other than cheer do u do? Where are ur fav countries to go to? Love you guys

  • zhenglish105

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  • Jessie

    are you guys going to come to australia or new zeland? PLEASE COME :) :)

  • Jessie

    you guys are awsome :) love your youtube vids ! question: at school are u guys just like regular kids? (as in no special treatment) LOVEE YOU GUYS :)))))BIGGGGGG FAN !

  • L

    You say "they have nothing but looks and money going for them" that is a lot more than your hating self has going for yourself. You're sitting behind a computer bad mouthing 2 girls you don't know repeatedly, very tough of you. Face facts they're more succeful, rich and better looking than you'll ever be. So keep hating if you must you ain't doing shit to them. Ta doll x

  • Georgina

    How is your skin so flawless?

  • Marissa

    do you guys share clothes, shoes etc.?

  • Marissa

    what wass the worst fight you guys had about?

  • jonamarie

    are you planning on going to college?

  • jonamarie

    if you can change your name to anything, what would it be?

  • jonamarie

    what is your favorite item in your closet?

  • jonamarie

    what kind of acting would you like to do, kylie? comdey, drama etc.

  • jonamarie

    where are your favorite places to shop?

  • whitney

    This is the question you came up with two ask your favorite "celebrities"? All of you silly girls defending these two airheads against the "haters" (pleeeaase, try realists) will realize when you grow up how ridiculous these people are. They have nothing but their looks and money going for them. They should thank their parents for both every damn day of their lives. Their idiocy makes me cringe. I literally feel dumber for watching that video. I felt myself losing braincells. Ouch.

  • whitney

    these have got to be two of the biggest airheads i've ever heard speak. totally cringing through this whole video. it's a good thing they have looks and a crazy inheritance to fall back on... yikes.

  • migimore

    Kendall and Kylie can you say hi to Migi? Pronounced Mi-gee :)

  • denis francisco
    denis francisco

    ¿digan algo en español, lo que se les venga en la mente? y les deseos mucho exito en lo que hacen

  • denis francisco
    denis francisco

    cuales son tus metas?

  • Summer

    If u could be any animal what would it be and y??

  • kardinfaith

    Thank you SO much!!

  • anaaloii


  • anaaloii

    It's Mskendallandkylie :)

  • anaaloii

    cool!!! *-*

  • Maribella

    Hey Kylie and Kendall! Question: How do you feel about your sister being urinated on in the sex tape with Jay J. Icky, right? Unfortunately, she'll always be a low-class prostitute no matter how "classy" she thinks she is LOL. Now she's in my country, stinking up the place with her urine drenched scent and her hideous monster looking fiance. Ciao from Monaco!

  • liana

    what do u guys do when u meet celebrity's that u like? when u go to school do u get treated normally?

  • Caitlin Natalie Martinez
    Caitlin Natalie Martinez

    do you guys tumble ( backhandsprings etc )

  • monica

    what are your favorite beauty products?

  • Evette Harris
    Evette Harris

    Whats your favourite tv show? Evette xx

  • naturelover2

    If you don't like Kim put a cork in it and go comment on someone you DO like!!!

  • berenice

    What are some amazing modeling agents in LA !!! One that is not a SCAM !!!!!!

  • Z mae
    Z mae

    Im sure they make more money than you

  • rregalbu

    it won't let me watch either! i've been trying alll day!!! when i click the play button it wont work! i'm so mad

  • Chachi

    Well you look you ignorant brat. Of course a person can mis-spell any word. Obviously she was in the 5th grade. She was young and just learning big words. You need to go find something else to do instead of criticizing others. Everyone is not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes as well as you. Now you need to RE-check yourself before criticizing others.

  • Hannah Wood
    Hannah Wood

    its wont let me watch! im clicking the play button and it wont):

  • Faith

    Ok, so taking you're clothes off all the time is a bit embarrasing but I can assure you Kim Kardashian works hard when she models!

  • Faith

    You don't even know them so how do you know beauty is the only thing going for them? Kendall and Kylie have both modelled, so they have that going for them! Modelling isnt just about beauty. Mis-spelling a word is not embarrasing, its a simple mistake that can happen to anyone, INCLUDING you. Why would you never show your face in public again, I mean WTF?! They are saying 'I love you guys!' because they are grateful to their fans and everyone that shows an interest in them. Ok, so they havent met some of their fans yet but they love them because of their support. Money and fame clearly has nothing to do with this... it's just you're plain JEALOUSY.

  • Faith

    They are all reality tv stars? Plus, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall and Kylie have all modelled.

  • jenn

    their dad was the attorney on the oj simpson case. they all have their own stores and multiple other brands. they have sponsers and their own shows on e. their dad is bruce jenner the two girls on here and brody jenner and brody's family. khloe is married to lamar who is a lakers players and kim does tons of stuff and promotions. kourtney has dash stores and a bf that has money and a son now. yes i watch this show too much to know all this. rob is doing a mix of things but is staying at khloe's and back and forth with people. he's a player but cute. the one started modeling of bruces daughters. the one that was the most known when the show started was kim and they all grew from the show and b4 from what they had and have been doing. i love the family closeness and how they all are together even bruces kids. its great to see that in blended families. yes i watch thsi show and all the shows too much but love this family

  • Braylen

    Yeaah I'd be soo happy as well.. But your lucky for that, those girls are so awesome !(:

  • Vione

    Whats their Youtube account name?

  • JoshuaBabesx

    Please say hello to Joshua Hewitt, a fan from Northern Ireland <3

  • Ashlee Ninja-panda
    Ashlee Ninja-panda


  • kardinfaith

    It won't let me play the video! I clicked play, but nothing happened!! :(

  • karla

    what was your reaction meeting justin bieber!?

  • karla

    this is for kylie, theres rumors saying that ur dating Cody Simpson, is it true?

  • lexy

    is it true that your on the pill? does your mom still smoke? how is your family rich? none of you act or sing?

  • Ava

    do people treat you differently at school because your sister's with kim, kourtney & khloe?

  • Racklovekylieandkendalljenner Kardashians
    Racklovekylieandkendalljenner Kardashians

    I can´t see the video HELP MEEE

  • Racklovekylieandkendalljenner Kardashians
  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson

    Someone's jealous! A 15 year old who takes it for reasons outwith the reasons your thinking of? There are more reasons why you take the pill than that! Ignorant.

  • chloe

    kendall your beautiful i wish i was a model like you!!! whos ur model agency? -chloe


    Which 15 yr ol SKANK is on THE PILL?



  • Daniëlle

    How do i watch it? The link doesn't work :( xx'iloveyouu2

  • Bella


  • Bella

    Kendall and Kylie I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee youuuu guysssssssssss so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can you guys answer my question in another video. Have you ever thought that you would be famous????????????????? <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Ugh gosh!!!!I would love to meet you too.Im 13 btw

  • rr

    i'm afraid that beauty is all they got going on,after seeing this video.I mean,spelling a word wrong is SO embarrassing! if i was her,i wouldn t show my face in public ever again,because,let's face it,you can't be more embarrassed than that!and i hate it when all the celebrities say: "I LOVE YOU GUYS!'' how can you love someone you haven't met yet?? it's cruel what money and fame does to people:|

  • Alana D
    Alana D

    i love you guys so much,,,like i DIE to meet you both :( hehe i've already sent in a few questions but ill ask another whats your favourite colours?

  • danyella

    shouldn't you find something better to do than to sit here and bash people, jealousy is a horrible condition, seek help

  • danyella

    shouldn't you find something better to do than to sit here and bash people, jealously is a horrible condition, seek help

  • Happyface

    Hi. First of all I just wanted to say that I'm a big fan. And here are the question: what are your plans for the summer? Do you get embaressed of your sister sometimes? - A fan from Norway:)

  • Petra Michelle Lily Hall
    Petra Michelle Lily Hall

    Kendall and Kylie , are you beliebers or not , im not but i would like to know

  • jamie

    who is ur favorite family member in ur house

  • leah

    your such a jealous hater!

  • Karen

    Nicole, your a jealous hater! Keep hating! Muah!

  • Kenny

    its not letting me watch the video @relientkenny(I FOLLOW BACK)

  • yadi98

    have you even thought coming to Puerto Rico>? when you hang out; you cant leave without what?

  • Cody Dudley
    Cody Dudley

    Do you beautiful woman wear turtlenecks at all by chance?

  • Biggi

    How can u guys be so beautiful??

  • Josie

    Have you ever thought of coming to South Africa? Josie

  • Sharon

    - would you guys ever explore around the world or come to Europe? Sharon.

  • Nicole Anderson
    Nicole Anderson

    It won't let me watch it :( !

  • Tash

    their hair is so nice && i love their relationship they're like best friends but they're sisters also. I wish my relationship with my sister was like that :(

  • Annie

    why wont it let me on it :(

  • Georgie

    I hope they mean this Tuesday coming up unless they meant the ET one ?????? They both look so gorgeous here as always <3333

  • Brooke

    What is ur favorite color? one from kendall and one from kylie.

  • nicole

    yea right, kim works hard...that's the funniest thing I've ever heard! she doesn't know what "work" is. unless taking off your clothes for money is considered "work", then YES, she is extremely busy! Oh & the one on the right looks like Morticia, ucky! They've got the "like" word down to a tee, what morons!

  • Nicola

    arghh i love them too much they answered my question i'm so happy right now <3


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