Kendra Wilkinson Ready For Some “Crazy Sex” With Hubby Hank!

Kendra & Hank In Love
Check out pics of the couple smooching!
Kendra Wilkinson is definitely one of the most hilarious stars out there! In a new interview with People, the Dancing With the Stars bombshell opened up about what’s going on behind closed doors now that the show is over.

“My body’s back,” Wilkinson told the magazine. “I need to hang up on my stripper pole again.”

Hmm…so are they prepping to get their son a sibling, then?

“Hank and I need a couple more drunken nights,” Kendra dishes. “We need to get drunk and have crazy sex a couple more times.”

Don’t you love that you can always count on Kendra to be hilariously outspoken? Leave it to the reality star to start our holiday weekend off with a laugh! 

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