Lady Gaga Rocks Central Park for ‘GMA’ Concert (VIDEO)

The Lady's Men
Gaga's had a gaggle of boyfriends.
Nobody knows how to make an entrance better than Lady Gaga.

With thousands of fans packing Central Park in New York City for Gaga’s big Good Morning America performance on Friday morning, Mother Monster flew in like a superheroine — ziplining above her many adorers eventually landing on stage for an interview and a free concert for fans. During an interview with Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos, Gaga said that performing live on GMA was a “dream come true” and that she lives “halfway between reality and theater at all times.”

When the topic turned to her fans who have been camping out for days to see Gaga, she said: “They’re my family, for sure. It’s an absolute dream come true to be here today and to play in Central Park … I’m so excited and so blessed and so happy to be here.”

She continued: “I hope that what you take away from my album is not just the music … but please also take away from it that there’s no dream that’s too big.” Watch her perform  below:

The GMA spot comes as her album Born This Way completes its first week after being released, and while the numbers aren’t in yet, it’s expected to open huge and potentially be one of the biggest-selling releases of 2011.

Gaga’s got some competition on the morning show front though, as Rihanna was just a few blocks south working the stage of the Today show.

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