Robert Pattinson "Gracious" at Johnny Flynn Concert in Toronto

Robert Pattinson at Johnny Flynn Concert in Toronto
Rob in 'Cosmopolis'
Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis
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Rob's New Costar
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Robert Pattinson never forgets his fans! While at pal Johnny Flynn's show in Toronto Thursday night, R.Pattz was the charismatic guy he is. Rob hung backstage for part of the concert, but then was nothing but warm to bandmates and awaiting fans.

"Robert Pattinson bought us beer tonight and gave me doggie treats for layla Lou! Nice guy #iliketwilightnow" tweeted guitarist Jeremy Fetzer.

R.Pattz, who is clean-shaven for his new flick Cosmopolis (as Celebuzz showed you yesterday) was also nice as can be to a fan who wanted a picture. How cute are they?

"Still on could 9. YEP, be there for a while now. GAH he is BEAUTIFUL!" tweeted the starstruck fun (pictured above). 

"I cannot express in words how gracious he was," praised another girl who met Rob last night. 

Don't you love when celebrities are as nice as they seem in person? Rob is just that. As is his girlfriend Kristen Stewart! She's been just as gracious to fans while over in London.

Oh, and fun fact alert: K.Stew is also friends and fans of Johnny Flynn. She went to their show in Austin at SXSW last year.

Robsten in Toronto!
Rob and Kristen staying together in Toronto
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  • edwardbella2

    Rob is the most humble celebrity!!! You look fantastic in clean shave Rob!!

  • chris

    Awesome. Thanks for posting this pic,

  • Rosie

    Johnny Flynn is in the Burberry ads... He's kind of really hot. What is in England's water seriously?!?!

  • oniszko2

    I fell so sorry for him, he is so adorable, and yet all alone he should be with someone that really loves him, he has so much to offer. Even though he is out I bet any amount of money that he wishes he had a loving girlfriend with him, I don't believe that K Stewart is that girl, I wish she was, because from everything I have seen of these two I believe that he really cares deeply for her, and that if they are together that he is getting very tired of her antics..

  • nina

    shut up, crazy krisbian! And shut up crazy Taryn! So you left Ted's pool of crazy to create your own?! He tought you well!!!

  • angel2317

    awwww its good he is enjoying a little

  • LoveRobsten

    Taryn: I love you. Grazie for another great article about OUR fave couple. I love them. Keep up the good work. You rock honey.