Teresa Giudice: LA & ELLEN!

Teresa on RHNJ Premiere!
Teresa Giudice dishes to Celebuzz.
Teresa Giudice, mom, author and Real Housewives of New Jersey star visited LA recently and wanted to share her experience of the trip with Celebuzz! Teresa will have much more to share with us about her crazy and busy life in the coming weeks, so make sure to stayed tuned!

Travelling all over the country for my “Fabulicious” book tour is so exciting, but I miss my family! I get lonely in my hotel room by myself! So I’ve decided to bring Joe with me whenever I can. He flew to LA with me early this morning. It was his first trip to Los Angeles ever! I wish we got to stay longer. His friend took him on a little driving tour, while I went to meet ELLEN!

What a great show! She is so nice. And I met Portia. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! They were so sweet trying to make me happy and perky, but tell you the truth, I can’t fake it. I’m great until I hear them play the clip from the christening on the show, then my heart starts beating 500. As I walked out on stage, I was praying that my heart would slow down. I don’t mean to seem sad in any of these interviews, but when you are talking about something that’s still so hurtful for me and my family, I just can’t fake a huge smile. Hopefully things will get better!

Ellen gave me a very special gift: a blinged out bullhorn. She says I should just blow it next time there’s a ruckus to shut everyone up. Love it! Love her! Now how am I gonna get it home on the plane?

The episode airs June 1. My dress is by the amazing Marc Bouwer. xx