Victoria Justice Is Fan-Friendly After ‘Victorious’ Concert (PHOTOS)

Victoria's Best Looks
These photos don't do her justice.
There were some pre-show jitters, but in the end, Victoria Justice was all smiles as she emerged from her first concert performance ever.

V-Just held a concert for a taping of her hit show Victorious on Thursday night, and after the Hollywood gig, she seemed at ease as she left the venue. Waving and smiling to photographers and fans waiting for a glimpse of the teen star, you could tell there was an air of ease in Victoria after she had finished the show.

Earlier on Thursday, she was tweeting to give fans an inside look at how she was feeling emotionally leading up to the gig.

“You guys are so awesome! Thanks for all the #GoodLuckVictoria tweets. I so appreciate it. It’s my 1st concert,so I am a wee bit nervous. Ha,” she wrote. Later, she followed up quick one before rocking out: “About to hit the stage! Here with my music manager Jonathan and hair & make up artist Tamara.”

After that it was Twitter silence from Victoria, but we’ll take her smiles as a sign of a successful performance.