Celebrating Celebrity Bikini Bodies on the Unofficial Start of Summer (PHOTOS)

Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!
Can you match the Celeb with their bikini?
Memorial Day isn’t just the first major holiday weekend of 2011 — it’s the unofficial start of summer, where millions of Americans will be starting up vacation season and heading to beaches and pools all over the country.

Thankfully for us, celebrities tend to vacation all year round, jetting off to exotic tropical beaches on some occasions, and just lounging out at American pools other times. From Lindsay Lohan to Courteney Cox to Selena Gomez, 2011 has been a banner year when it comes to the ladies of Hollywood hitting the beach in some stunning two-pieces.

So, Celebuzz took the arduous task of compiling the best bikini bodies that we’ve seen so far this year. Yes, it’s a hard job, but someone had to do it! Click through, enjoy, inspect, and report back to us in the comments or on our Facebook page who has the best beach bod!