Celebuzz’s 2011 Summer Movie Guide! (PHOTOS)

Potter Movie Poster
First look at Daniel's 'Deathly Hallows' poster.
It’s Memorial Day weekend, which only means one thing — summer is officially here!

While summertime is all about being outdoors and soaking up the sun, sometimes it’s nice to escape the heat and venture to a cool, air-conditioned theater and watch a summer flick.

So, what movies are being released this summer? And more importantly, when can you check them out?

Celebuzz has the full breakdown in our summer movie guide!

Wether you want to see a classic rom-com, like Justin Timberlake and Mila KunisFriend with Benefits or a super-hero flick, like Ryan ReynoldsThe Green Lantern, we got you covered!

So take a look through the gallery, and let us know on our Twitter or Facebook, which movie are you most excited to see?