Robert Pattinson on 'Cosmopolis' Set (PHOTOS)

Rob in 'Cosmopolis'
Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis
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The Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson is suited up for his new movie, and we got the pics! R-Pattz is in Toronotofilming Cosmopolis!

This will be the actor's third big budget book-turned-movie, Twilight and Water For Elephants are the others.

The film is based on a book that is an adaptation of the classic Ulysses story. It's set in New York in the year 2000 (the dot-com era), and takes place in the course of one day as the main character Eric Packer (Pattinson) peruses the Big Apple in a limo, running errands. It's during this time that he runs into some characters.

Pattinson stars alongside sexy blonde up-and-comer Sarah Gadon, and the film is being headed up by acclaimed director David Cronenberg (Eastern Promises). When asked by MTV News back in April what he thought of his new leading lady, R-Pattz answered, "I've seen a couple of things she's done. She's really good. She has a great face. ... I haven't talked to her yet, but I think it's going to be a great cast."



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  • oniszko2

    Robert made a movie in 2008 named How To Be, low budget movie, but he received critical acclaim for this movie from the Acadamy of Actory in Hollywood and in Europe..................

  • kelly

    are you crazy? please tell my you are joking, and are not that crazy?

  • dont' get it.......
    dont' get it.......


  • koook

    i dont wanna be like this but common look at how he act he is trying to impress her by being funny like what he did with kristen in twilight and thers a crutch by they way he look at her i never saw rob look like that for any girl except kris

  • oniszko2

    You are so right, this director has many awards including Oscar's and I don't believe that he would have had Robert read for the part and then hire him, if he did not see something in him...I believe that he can be a very fine actor.....Remember he is extremely young but does have the personality and the smarts to do a great job...I loved him in Remember Me, and excellent in WFE... Your know critic's like what they like, they are not there for you, you the public decide if you like something or not...

  • Rodica

    ROB is the true actor. I LOVE YOU and I KISS YOU!!!

  • angel2317

    another rob movie to look forward to <3

  • Carolyn Martinez-Corbin
    Carolyn Martinez-Corbin

    These are awesome...AND ROBERT would NOT have beem hand picked by DAVID CRONENBRG if he had thought his acting was poor, but David saw something in Rob he could utilize...@dshawn4...Rob's acting in How To Be & Remember Me, was brilliant and won him awards, but if you are only going on Twilight, than you are close-minded, and have not read those novels that had Rob depict Edward perfectly, just like Water For Elephants!!! Bel Ami already has people talking about his amazing performance as a nasty cad. Rob is newer to acting, and anyone who knows him is aware of his humble, shy ways, but also of his halarious, carismatic charm, and intelligence...He is extremely well liked by all who have worked with him. The right director will do wonders, and Robert is more than willing to shed the Edward image. All good actors started with roles they were put down for too. They however had this special quality that allowed that right people/person to want to give them a chance, and than they broke through, and became respected. I did not think Johnny epp could act either, when he was in NightmareOnES or 21 Jump Street, neither did anyone going by those old reviews, but Tim Burton saw something, and presto...Though one thing Robert has off camera, that Johnny still lacks is personality...Rob is a diamond in the rough, and David Cronenburg loves finding these diamonds and polish them. The best thing to happen to Robert in American film is Cronenburg, otherwise Robert did wonderfully in his British roles where he especially did well, and had a more natural ability about him...He was more comportable...This is Rob's only handicap, he has no ego at all, and may have to aquire a little bit of one to succeed, he certainly is bright enough.

  • chris

    He's so gorgeous. I can't wait to see this. I loved him in Water For Elephants.

  • dshawn4

    he's a true beau but he's acting is poor.