Alexander Skarsgard ‘Flattered’ by Obsessive Fans

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True Blood baddie Alexander Skarsgard says he wants to stretch himself as an actor — even if it means he fails. In the meantime, one of TV’s hottest vampires doesn’t mind the fanfare surrounding the show, or its rather obsessive fans!

In the June/July Interview magazine, Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler asks the actor if he’s annoyed by fans who assume they know him because of Eric on True Blood, to which he says he’s actually flattered!

“I think that meeting fans who feel like they know you and they know everything about you is actually very flattering,” he says. “It means a lot to know that what you’re doing actually means something to someone. But the thing that I feel to be a problem potentially is that you become that character, that in the industry, people associate it too closely with who you are and what you can do.”

In order to avoid being pigeonholed as a brooding vampire, he deliberately searches out roles that push his limits, saying, “I want to almost be intimidated when I embark on a journey. I wouldn’t say there’s a fear, but I do get slightly nervous in the beginning when that happens, and I like that feeling.”

Although he’s found success with the scorching hot series, failure isn’t something he seems to be afraid of but rather embraces, telling the mag; “Failure is awesome. There’s a Beckett quote, where he said, ‘Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail better.’ I love that quote. I think that’s what it’s all about. Failure is definitely underrated. Just fail again. Fail better.”

The June/July Interview is out nationwide June 7th.