Blake Lively Nude Photos Are Fake, Rep Says

Blake Lively Nude Photos

While Blake Lively is mostly known for how good she looks with clothes on, photos purportedly showing the Gossip Girl beauty nude spread across the web on Tuesday.

While alleged nude cell phone photos popped up across several celebrity blogs that appeared to show Lively posing naked, Celebuzz received an exclusive statement from the 23-year-old star's rep, and Lively's camp says the photos are "100 percent fake."

Blake's rep tells Celebuzz:

"The photos of Blake Lively which have just surfaced on various websites including Perez Hilton and are 100 percent FAKE. Blake has never taken nude photos of herself. Blake will pursue legal action against the publication which initially published these photographs and any other outlets that republish them in any manner."
Blake, the face of fashion powerhouse Chanel, has been spending the last couple weeks overseas in the French Rivera and has been seen with Leonardo DiCaprio. Just last week, the newly-single Leo and Blake were spotted laughing and hugging while hanging out with Steven Spielberg and Lukas Haas on a luxurious private yacht in Cannes, France. Wearing a white dress and a peach-colored Chanel purse, Blake wrapped her arms around Leo as she arrived on the boat.

Earlier Tuesday, Us Magazine ran a photo of Leo and Blake holding hands while walking down a street in Monte Carlo, looking very much like a couple. An Us source says that DiCaprio "introduced Blake as his girlfriend."

Lively's most famous relationship to date was her years-long stint with her Gossip co-star, Penn Badgley. The two split in October of 2010, and Lively has been one of the most eligible bachelorettes in the celebrity world.

Professionally, Blake has a busy summer on her hands, as she's set to make her summer blockbuster debut as she stars opposite Ryan Reynolds in the much-anticipated superhero flick Green Lantern. There's been serious hype about the film, which Blake attended Wondercon to promote back in April, and fans will get their chance to see it on June 17. Watch the trailer below:


As for DiCaprio, he's been working on the J. Edgar Hoover biopic J. Edgar and is now beginning production on The Great Gatsby, which Lively had been rumored as a possible casting choice. Romantically, Leo has made a habit of dating some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Most recently, he split with his supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli after an on-again, off-again relationship for years.


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  • Neesystaise

    Thanks for the tips you have shared here.

  • kuba

    Thanks for the tips you have discussed here.

  • Nick

    It looks like her, no big deal she has a great body.

  • Rep

    Next move: get into porn :D

  • Anon

    Ugh, she is such a liar. She lies about everything! Denies her nose job to this day, and now is denying these photos that are SO OBVIOUSLY her. They are high quality photos from an iPhone that show her face, clear as day. She must really think people are stupid.

  • Van

    It's a tattoo that was put on her when she was filming 'The Town' with Ben Afflick. Google it.

  • Van

    That's not a mole it's a tattoo that was put on her for the movie 'The Town' with Ben Afflick.

  • Hawaiisun

    It it her. And the dumbasses who are saying that the mole is on the other side, well that's because in a MIRROR so its a direct reflection. Haven't you noticed that if you have writing on your shirt, the letter are backwards when you look in the mirror? And it's the same mouth expression and the same distinct eyebrow and nose.

  • mickeymarkoff

    It's a joke that her reps are saying its not her. When will they accept the fact that the population doesn't believe their rediculous lies?

  • Leonie

    The mark being pointed ot on the picture das moved, it looks like a mark on the mirror to me. on the first pic its on one side, on the second pic it on the other side, it looks like a smudge not her mole.

  • Stephen Belcamino
    Stephen Belcamino

    here is the video

  • come on
    come on

    Definitely Blake!! The lies keep coming, fess up and be done with this. You are embarrassing yourself more by denying the obvious.

  • don'ttellheritsme

    I am pretty sure Blake has blue eyes. Example:

  • don'ttellheritsme

    Take a look at this pic, she used to cover that mole with make-up. I saw the second batch of pics, these look like they were taken when she filmed The Town.

  • Anon

    Yes, because nobody has ever invented fashion contact lenses before.

  • Anon

    The nude pics are not actually the white iPhone. How do we know this? The iPhone 4 has a FLASH right next to the lense. The nude pic above does not show ANY flash next to the lense. Also the original iPhone had black plastic on the lower part of the phone (for the antenna) which is clearly visible in the nude shot. Therefore the pic is of the original iPhone circa 2007. The only thing with the pic is that it needs to be flipped cause she used a mirror so its reversed (her mole/apple logo on iPhone back). Anyways I'm not disputing its her - it is her, clearly, its just that given the specific phone - these pics are probably a few years old. Who knows - Dan got pissed off with the news shes dating Leo and decides to leak them? Worse things have happened! The more the rep says their fake, they more we know its true. Also why would you threaten legal action if they were fake? When was the last time a rep for a celeb actually told the truth when something controversial happened to their client? *crickets*

  • Rocky

    Breaking News Flash: Publicists sometimes tell lies !

  • Vekli

    Have you noticed the difference in eye color? The girl in the picture has blue eyes, while Blake has brown eyes. FAKE

  • no

    so the photos are allegedly fake, but she and her team are still asking websites to take them down and she may pursue legal action regarding them? what a crock of shit

  • Matthew

    who has the pics now?please!!!

  • Stacey

    Yeah, poor, poor Leo...such a tragedy ;-)

  • olivia007

    God damn, Blake. Just admit the truth and so what if you're going to be condemned? In a matter of a few weeks, people will forget and move on to another one of Lindsay Lohan's "cry for help" story.

  • Noah

    [img][/img] Not to mention her distinctive beauty mark on her cheek is clearly visible in the one face shot. She should just own up to these photos; she looks great in them. No harm, no foul.

  • tigertaint

    poor girl? whoever this girl is, she's not poor. these are pretty classy and she looks amazing.

  • Noah

    [img][/img] Boom. Whoever mentioned the phone evidence -- genius. Great evidence. 1) The nude pics have the new white iPhone (just came out a few weeks ago). Celebs always have the best/latest phones. 2) the iPhone case in both the nudes and this photo of Lively on the set of Gossip Girl are the exact same. The pics are clearly real, and her reps are trying to scramble to defuse the situation. I bet Leonardo DiCaprio leaked the photos because my sources tell me in order to date him you have to send at least 4 nude photos.

  • tigertaint

    [img][/img] hey gabby. look at this pic. look at her legs and her boobs. fatter and smaller. boom.

  • jp

    it's her!!! Leo must be gutted!! hi hi hi!!

  • Anon

    its not a specially made iphone smarty pants. Its an iphone 2g (original one from 2007) with a case surrounding it. No other iphone since then has had a silver back. So yes the nude pics are her.

  • miltontwins

    That's absurd. If they aren't her, she wouldn't want people thinking they were.

  • Anon

    You must be really high! Firstly the iPhone 4 came out in June 2010, not a "couple of weeks ago". The iPhone in the picture is the original very first iPhone (2G) that came out in 2007. That is the only model that has a silver metal back as can clearly be seen in the pics. So all in all, the likelyhood of these pictures dating back to 2007 is probable given the age of the phone. Most celebs would always have the latest model so in all likelihood, she probably took these in 2007. Yes its her, deal with it. 2007 - 2011 - plenty of time to get a mole removed!

  • Skyrz

    It's not a f***** mole it's a necklace! It's red for god's sake do you think it's a bloody mole?

  • Anon

    Yes, because nobody ever had a mole removed. Thats the iPhone 2G (original model from 2007) so shes had enough time to do surgery.

  • kyuubi

    I like to say a VERY special thanks to Penn Badgley

  • Anon

    People keep pointing out this "mole" on her chest, that sure looks like a necklace to me.

  • Anon

    It's really not her, I just did a quick research. The nudes show that "Blake" has a mole on her chest, and when I looked at her red carpet appearances, it appears that she does NOT have a mole on her chest. The nudes are fake.

  • Jon

    Don't know what you're smoking but the iPhone 4 has been out since June 2010.

  • Jon

    If they weren't her, the reps wouldn't care about taking them down. They're her.

  • courtney

    its obviously not blake lively ! the girls hair is way to short and the iphone in the picture is the iphone 4 which came out a couple weeks ago and her hair has been red for many months now. also if you look at the one where she is showing her face she has a mole on her chest which blake does not have! this girl who took these pictures obviously spent a lot of time study Blake to look like . shes just a low life who is jealous of celebs so she tries to ruin there career! BUT SORRY HUN DIDNT WORK! blake is prettier and more talented then youll ever be (:

  • payt

    I presume she's the only one on this earth that own that kind of iphone (especially made just for her)

  • TMoney

    Here is some proof they are real... check out the iPhone she is holding in this picture:

  • Gabby

    No I think she sent them to an old boyfriend and he leaked them. Even with the phone in front of her face, you tell it's her. It's Blake's foreheard, hair, face shape, BODY. Blake's even doing the same poses she does on the red carpet. It's definitely her and her reps know it. They're just taking advantage of the phone being in front of her face. But if you look for candids of Blake, you will see her holding the EXACT same phone with the EXACT same cover.

  • Gabby

    The girl in the photos has the SAME body and face as Blake.

  • Gabby

    FAKE?! HAAHAHAHAHAH!!!! That's hilarious. I don't think her reps saw the pictures. They're definitely her.

  • payt

    It does look fake. Hollywood's a scary place man, especially when there's bitter ex's around. Ah poor girl oh well

  • JC

    In the four photos taken in the bathroom, the iPhone is conveniently right in front of her face. It sure does look like her, but with her face being mostly covered, it just seems too good to be true. The fifth photo taken in what looks like a trailer is so blurry, making it much easier to be a Photoshopped fake. This is a woman who has professional photos taken of her for a living, do you really think she would take and keep photos of herself that are this poor in quality?

  • tigertaint

    no way. the girl in the photos has a much better body and face that BL, which is pretty remarkable, all things considered.

  • Jordan

    Riiiight, she is in her work trailer.

  • Melanie

    BS theyre real, it's her


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