Celebrities Flaunt Baby Bumps in Teeny Bikinis (PHOTOS)

Bikini Baby Bumps
Bikini Baby Bumps

With summer finally here, celebrities are flocking to the beach and showing off their figures -- even when they're pregnant.

The baby boom has taken over Hollywood, and everyone from Kate Hudson to Jessica Alba and Tori Spelling are flaunting their growing baby bumps on the beach.

To celebrate these sexy, Hollywood moms-to-be, we've compiled a list of our favorite bikini baby bump photos. Take a look at the bikini gallery and don’t forget to follow Celebuzz on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!



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  • Your mom.
    Your mom.

    She might wanna pull her bathing suit down a little. I bit is showing. o.O Awkward.

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    @Selma I agree with you pregnancy is a beautiful thing to be celebrated not hidden away

  • Smart Louise
    Smart Louise

    It's a nice family photo. Brielle looks her age - young teen - with cute ponytail on top of head. They're growing them bigger these days, with the American diet heavy in hamburgers and milkshakes! That's why girls develop earlier. The baby is cute.

  • Selma

    This is beautiful.

  • Elizabeth Máximo
    Elizabeth Máximo

    She has breast implants so that's why they look dented

  • Samuel Johnson
    Samuel Johnson

    I know she is and the bikini Beyonce Knowles got on is really adorable and also beautiful!

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    Pink is just too adorable!!

  • sona

    she's the cutest!

  • Lincoln Logggs
    Lincoln Logggs

    both of them obviously !!! have had tummy tucks, guess they will be having them done over again after they have their sprogs

  • Edoooo


  • saranico

    uhmm..her boobs are kinda dented.. and are those her ribs..??

  • courtneybaaaby

    saggy titties

  • courtneybaaaby

    love her bikini!