Katie Holmes & Suri Cruise Wear Heels to the Beach (PHOTOS)

A little sand isn't going to kill the fashionista urges running through Suri Cruise's veins!

The stylish tot was spotted traipsing around the the sands of Malibu in a pair of gold heels during a Memorial Day BBQ on Monday. While Suri's footwear choice may be impractical for a beach romp, her mother, Katie Holmes, was also spotted wearing a pair of brown kitten-heeled sandals as she chased after her daughter. Guess we know where Suri gets her fashion tips from!

This isn't the first time that Suri has shown her love for heels – check out photos of Suri trying on heels with her mom at a department store below.

The stylish Katie isn't just letting her fashion sense rub off on Suri – the actress recently announced that her stepdaughter, Isbella Cruise, will be working as an apprentice at her fashion label Holmes & Young. The Cruise-Holmes household is really gearing up to be one of the most stylish families in Hollywood!

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