Lauren Conrad Takes Tiny Jab at ‘Jersey Shore’ After Her MTV Show is Cut

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The former 'Hills' beauty finds a new career as a woman of letters.
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Lauren Conrad is launching a new line called Paper Crown, but this time without the help of a hit reality show. The Hills star was set to return to reality TV with a new MTV series, but it was deemed too “highbrow” for the cable channel’s audience. Conrad told Lucky Magazine that she can’t top the Jersey Shore

“It didn’t feel like a perfect fit. It’s difficult to compete with all the Jersey Shore-type shows out there.”

She added, taking a little jab at the MTV programming:

“Besides, there weren’t any scenes of me getting drunk or fighting, so what’s the point?”

As for the hurdle she has of launching Paper Crown without the publicity from a reality show, Lauren responds, “It’s easier to launch the line without MTV. A lot of people in fashion don’t want to be linked with anything that has to do with reality TV. Showrooms were turning us down.”

She said of her time on camera as the leading lady of The Hills, “I was doing the show to end up in fashion. But I’m totally aware that without The Hills, I wouldn’t be where I am.”

For more with Lauren, check her out in the latest issue of Lucky Magazine, on newsstands June 10.