Rihanna Gets Sexy in the Tropics for 'Man Down' (VIDEO)

Rihanna's 'S&M'
rihanna s & m video
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Despite just releasing a music video for her ballad "California King Bed," another sexy Rihanna video has just hit the web!

In the video for "Man Down," RiRi shimmies, shines and wears as little clothes as possible in a tropical setting.

There's lots of sexy in the video, but it also gets a little dark.

Towards the end of the vid, it seems Rihanna and her man get into a bit of a scuffle. You'll have to watch the video above to see what we mean!

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  • kat

    I don't think that was done intentionally. I think the video takes place in her home country, where most people are dark skinned. She even said she was teased for being lightskin, but I do see your point

  • anon

    has anyone noticed that in all her videos she usually has a mixed race or light skin man as her love intrest but look when there is VIOLENT theme she has a darkskinned BLACK man?

  • amy

    i feel like this video just like adds to racism. its weird

  • rolando

    love it love it so much thank you riri 4 making a vid 4 man down until my favourite song from loud

  • princefan

    Amanda, are you serious? It's more than a "scuffle". Your a woman call as you see it! Are you afraid of the word rape? Great video and storyline! Rihanna not taking any prisoners!!